It is 2019 and this season marks the weddings of girls who were heavily inspired by the Rani Mukherjee, Tabu and Kajol era of Bollywood films, where all the ceremonies were big, fat and filmy. For the most part of a south Indian childhood, mehendi or gorintaaku meant dark brown lumps of ground plant matter plopped on the hands with symmetry in mind – with no aesthetics in mind; none at all.

Potential pretty hands had to be compromised for unskilled ‘mehendi keeping’ by moms and aunts; and in times like those, you recalled that your sisters’ efforts were far, far better. However, with your own wedding coming up, you get a trained mehendi artist to finally make your red-arm-dream come true. Here’s a look at the types and designs to choose from for that mehendi ceremony.

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Minimalist appeal
If being in the same pose for several hours and then waiting for several more hours is not your idea of an ideal wedding party, minimalism is what you must embrace. Oblige your mother’s “shagun ke liye thoda sa laga lo” and get an aesthetic design drawn on an area of your choice.

Arabic designs
Easy to make, but intricate, these motifs are beautiful and look best when left to dry for longer. With a lot of cashew, net and leaf patterns, the designs also have a lot of shading. Another style is the Indo-arabic, and Pakistani, filled with leaves, domes and floral patterns.

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Indian designs
Intricate mango, jasmine and tree motifs are the definition of Indian mehendi art. The best part about these is each elaborate design carries a different meaning, and is inspired by animals, birds and plants and has elements like kalash, sometimes names or images of the bride and groom.

Quick tip
For darker, intense results, apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar and do not use water until you rub out all the mehendi sediments.

Geometry from the West
Stylish, geometrical designs influenced by steampunk symmetry can fill the void for not having men-friendly mehendi designs. Get a bangle-style, moroccan style or even go full-scale Ranbir Kapoor from Channa Mereya. #KhabarLive

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