Has Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided not to entertain Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, while extending friendly hand to Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy?

The answer seems to be yes, according to political observers. Reports from New Delhi said there was no reply from the Prime Minister’s Office to the repeated requests of KCR for an appointment with Modi for a one-on-one meeting.

He, in fact, wanted to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the inauguration of Kaleshwaram project, he could not get the audience.

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Though KCR is making every attempt to get closer to the Bharatiya Janata Party, including flying down to Maharashtra to invite chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to Kaleshwaram project inauguration and also felicitating Maharashtra governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao, he could not get a positive response in Delhi.

The denial of appointment has terribly hurt KCR so much so that he decided against attending fifth governing council meeting of Niti Aayog being held at Rashtrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi on Saturday evening.

In fact, KCR was getting ready to attend the meeting and prepared all the notes for his speech in the meeting.

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But, suddenly, KCR decided against attending the Niti Aayog meeting as he was denied the appointment with Modi. He realized that he is not in the good books of the Centre.

The reason for Modi not evincing interest in meeting KCR is that the BJP wants to grow independently as a powerful force in Telangana and he does not the BJP to play a second fiddle to the TRS.

Apparently, Modi does not want to make the same mistake committed by BJP by joining hands with the TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

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Since the Congress is down in Telangana, the BJP has fair chances of coming to power by 2019. #KhabarLive