Food is so much more than just the stuff we eat – It’s an exploration of unique tastes and familiar ingredients in rather unfamiliar ways. It really adds value to your travel experiences and can reveal so much about a place, its culture and its people. Believe us, you’ll appreciate food more if you learn about these social customs that accompany it.

Here are a few reasons to go food exploring and quick tips on how you can do it –

1) Food exploration awakens your senses

Trying out new recipes introduces your senses to an entirely unfamiliar range of authentic flavours, and aromas that can always bring you back to the memories of a place or a moment attached to it, no matter how long it’s been gone.

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2) It introduces you to a culture, a country and its people

The flavours and ingredients in a recipe can tell you so much about where that plate of food comes from, its people and their culture. Take Hong Kong for example – Their creative cooking styles and thoughtful ingredients clearly reflect their love for food and their rich culinary culture and traditions.

3) You’ll come home with a lot more than just souvenirs

From trying out chef-made dishes at a top-rated restaurant to veering off to a remotely located eatery that offers the best stir fried noodles, are the things inspiring memories are made of! Tasting new things means you come back home with improved appreciation for flavours and great ideas to try in your own kitchen!

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Wondering where to find such experiences?

While restaurants and food festivals are the obvious venues, taking advice from a local is the best thing to do. Seek delicacies from the local markets to vendors along the streets and you’ll sure bring back some of the best food and travel experiences home. These newly explored experiences and learnings will be with you forever and there’s something great you can do with them – relive them in your kitchen! Yes, your kitchen offers great opportunities for exploring food. Cook and travel the world by means of flavours.

If that sounds exciting, you should try the new Maggi Fusian, a range of delicious noodles inspired from the kitchens around Asia, so you can explore some exciting flavours right at your home! Choose from the tempting flavours or try them all, the only motive is to bring the world into your kitchen.

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● Inspired by the hawker & food culture of Singapore, MAGGI Tangy Pepper noodles are a fusion of tangy spices with the warmth of black pepper.

● Inspired by the street-style flavours of Bangkok, MAGGI Sweet Chilli noodles are a fusion of spicy red chilli complemented by the sweet notes of ginger and zesty lemongrass..

● Inspired from the popular Hong Kong cuisine, MAGGI Spicy Garlic noodles are a fusion of rich Asian spices and mild roasted garlic to create a new taste experience.

Each new MAGGI flavour offers a unique fusion of rich Asian spices and great new taste experiences. So, get cooking, explorers! #KhabarLive