The Jaganmohan Reddy government in AP has withdrawn the ‘AP Government Special Representative’ status given to MP Vijayasai Reddy in Delhi. Only recently, he was given this post.

All of a sudden, he was stripped of the status without assigning any reasons for the same. Is there anything going wrong for him? There have been murmurs within and outside the YCP over the over-reaching powers and influence being given by Jagan to Vijayasai.

Especially, PM Modi’s Hello Vijay Garu greeting had made him more famous among the Telugu people. Moreover, Vijayasai is taking charge of the most delicate and vulnerable job of coordinating with the BJP leaders in Delhi since long.

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Now, there are reports of the BJP not going to show the same kindness to YCP like during the election. Vijayasai incident has triggered political speculation over the actual causes behind the removal of special representative status. #KhabarLive