The AIMIM and TRS are best friend now wants the role of the chief opposition in Telangana assembly affairs. Yes. AIMIM, which is KCR’s best friend, now wants to take over the role of the main opposition.

This could be a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two parties and both could occupy the media space and public discourse by getting ahead with the game of shadow boxing and mock fighting.

The party position in the Telangana assembly looks quite confusing. The ruling TRS has 100 MLAs, while the Congress has six, TDP 2, BJP 1 and one vacant seats. The AIMIM has 7, Forward Block 1 and independent one. Let It is clear that the AIMIM is the second largest party in the Telangana assembly.

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But, it’s number is much less than the mandatory 10 per cent of seats required for recognition as the opposition party. But, the status can be given if the Government wants. Thus, if the TRS makes AIMIM the chief opposition, both the parties can play fixed matches and dictate the political narrative.

Let’s see how things take shape in Telangana assembly. #KhabarLive