The Telangana chief minister KCR declared in Legislative Assembly that he will do ‘wonders’ from August 15.

KCR said he could not show his ‘real governance’ or ‘real administration’ to people during the past ten months due to successive elections in and enforcement of election of model election code since October last year.

Now that Assembly polls were completed in December last, panchayat elections in January/February this year, Lok Sabha elections in April/ May, zilla/ mandal parishad polls in June, KCR says only municipal elections in Telangana are pending which will be completed by August 15.

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KCR said once municipal polls are over, Telangana will be the only state in the country which completed all the elections from galli-level to Delhi-level, and there will be no elections or election codes in Telangana for the next four years.

“I will do wonders in Telangana in the next four years. I will show what real time administration is to the entire country. I will bring revolutionary changes in governance and go to any extent for the betterment of people of Telangana,” KCR said.

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KCR stated that he will tour all the districts soon, hold praja darbars and resolve the problems being faced by people on the spot.

But then, KCR is known for making tall claims but never implements. For KCR, Pragathi Bhawan and his farmhouse remain the biggest weakness.

He cannot step out of them. In his previous term, KCR made several announcements of touring districts, visting all irrigation projects, camping in districts for days to resolve people’s issues etc. but they remained only words.

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As usual afer Assembly session ends, KCR takes rest in Pragathi Bhawan or his farm house and comes out only when next session of Assembly begins.

In this backdrop, KCR’s statement of doing ‘wonders’ from August 15 are not being taken seriously by any sections.

For Telangana people, KCR stepping out of Pragathi Bhawan or farmhouse itself will be a ‘wonder’, let alone KCR doing ‘wonders’ by visiting districts. #KhabarLive