One of the busiest local markets in the city, the ‘Alwal Rythu Bazaar’ has been crying for attention for long. With its sheds in dilapidated condition, there is an urgent need to restructure the market for the convenience of farmers and customers.

The Rythu Bazaars were established to provide a platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to customers and in the process, which benefits both parties. However, given the poor environs of the market, farmers and customers are put to severe inconvenience.

The recent rains have only deteriorated the conditions of the market so much that customers are forced to walk in mud and slush to purchase vegetables. The situation gets worse for traders when it rains, as they need to fight leaking roofs and muddy floors to sell their vegetables.

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According to market authorities, Alwal Rythu Bazaar, spread across over an acre, registers close to over 5,000 customers every day and the number goes up on weekends. It receives large quantities of vegetables from neighbouring parts of Hyderabad with an estimate of 450 quintals of arrivals every day.

Traders in the bazaar have been urging the market authorities to expedite works on replacing the dilapidated sheds with modern structures. Some of the traders do not even have proper sheds.

“The walkways in the market have to be leveled with sand or stones so that there is no water-logging or puddles during rains. The surroundings of the market have to be cleaned as well,” said R Yadagiri, a farmer.

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When contacted, Sai Kumar, Estate Officer of Alwal Rythu Bazaar, said the construction of a few sheds were already completed under Phase I while a major part of the modernisation of the market would be completed at a cost of Rs 90 lakh.

“We have requested the Railway authorities to allot 15 metres of land for an approach road towards the market. Once we get a nod, modernisation works will be carried out immediately,” he said.

Under Phase II, traders will be provided with modern stalls and weighing machines, Kumar said and added that adequate free parking facilities would also be provided for customers. #KhabarLive

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