The first brand to introduce us to Beauty the Ayurveda way- Biotique, has just forayed into makeup and launched an extensive line of colour cosmetics. Biotique is synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda, the principal medical tradition in India for over 5000 years.

Biotique products are based on the authentic Ayurveda recipes, taken from the ancient and original Veda texts, passed down from generation to generation. Continuing their tradition of using natural ingredients, Biotique Makeup is made from all-natural ingredients, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and silicone-free.

The brand has launched three categories- Diva, Star and Magic, each with different attributes. Staying true to its vision, Biotique Makeup is as natural as it gets and so drop all those inhibitions about breakouts, allergies and try their natural makeup to enhance your beauty.

Biotique, the forerunner of A- Beauty (Ayurvedic Beauty) has now forayed into colour cosmetics and launched its own line of Natural Makeup. The brand carries a legacy built on product purity and sustainability.

With its roots in organic bases and active botanicals – Biotique has now launched a range of all-natural make up. For the first time in India, Makeup which is Skincare Infused; Makeup that not only makes you look pretty, but also nourishes your skin. Biotique Natural Makeup is made with organic ingredients and is available in three ranges- DIVA, STAR and MAGIC.

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● Biotique Natural Makeup is skincare-infused. It is made with unique natural colour pigments that nourish your skin.

● Biotique Natural Makeup works on even the most sensitive skin types due to its infused natural pigments.

● 100% organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free.

● Natural MakeUp works best for- all day wear, flexible feel and is instantly hydrating

● 100% Vegan recipe

· Powered with Nature technology

· All day wear

· No Silicon

· No Synthetic filling formers

· No Animal by products

DIVA RANGE- The Luxe range:
1. Diva Pout Lipstick- Biotique Diva Pout Lipstick is available in 12-pigmented shades; ranging from reds to brown. They have a unique, matte cream formula that offers a non-drying and matte finish that stays comfortably on your lips through the day. These rich and vibrant lipsticks are skincare-infused and come enriched with natural ingredients that keep your lips moisturised, plump and soft naturally.

2. Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation SPF 25- Available in four shades and designed by experts, this illuminating foundation gives the skin a satin dewy finish and a gorgeous radiance with SPF25. Results in visible skin brilliance and glow. Biotique DIVA RADIANCE Illuminating Foundation gives you a visibly brighter looking skin and a natural glow that lasts through the day. The DIVA RADIANCE Illuminating Foundation gives your skin an even coverage that blurs imperfections and minimizes pores, multitasking to protect your skin against sun and pollutants.

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3. Diva Shine Lip Gloss- Available in 12 unique shades. Diva Shine Lip Gloss is a smooth-textured lightweight lip gloss that provides a transparent, shiny and pearly finish and enriched with natural ingredients. Diva Shine Lip Gloss is made up of all-natural colour pigments which nourishes your lips with every application.

4. Diva Palette Eye Shadow- The Novice Nudes palette blends effortlessly to highlight the eyes & create a different look every time which transitions easily from day to night. The DIVA range also includes Gel Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Brow Filler, Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara, Compact, Eye Powder among others.

STAR RANGE- The go to makeup range:
1. Starkissed Matte Lipstick- Available in 14 unique shades, Biotique STARSHINE Matte Lipstick has a unique, matte cream formula that offers non-drying and stays comfortably on your lips throughout the day. This rich formula has a smooth velvety finish which glides on effortlessly and settles into a beautiful matte finish. Provides intense colour pay-off in every stroke.

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2. Starshimmer Glam Lip-gloss- Available in 8 unique shades, Biotique Starshimmer Glam Lip-gloss has a unique cream formula that offers non-drying and stays comfortably on your lips throughout the day. The Lip gloss has a smooth gliding consistency and every stroke is packed with shimmering crystals. It has nano glitter particles which gives high luminous effect on lips.

3. Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator- Available in 2 shades, Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator is smooth-textured and lightweight complexion enhancer. Luminous pigments add shimmer highlight to the face for an iridescent glow. Enhances complexion by adding a touch of shimmer to your skin. Boutique’s Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator comes with a smudge-proof formula, lasting a whole day. Starglow Sheer Skin Illuminator comes in all-natural sand-n-simmer and rose-n-quartz shades.

4. Startouch Flawless Matte Compact- Available in 4 shades, The STARTOUCH Flawless Matte Compact contains a freshening oil-control formula that gives a flawless matte finish to brighten your complexion. Rich in minerals and glow boosters, this compact provides a smooth coverage throughout the day. The Compact blends seamlessly and stays all day for long-lasting flawless skin tone.

The Star Range of cosmetics also includes Skin Illuminator, Mousse Foundation, Moisturising lipstick, Matte Blush, Compact among others. #KhabarLive