People from Hyderabad and around the world were made to live on a promise that there would be no difficulty in going around the historic Charminar and its surroundings and they would not be disappointed.

After about 20 years of wait it was said that a large part of the Charminar Pedestrianisation Project has been completed. It was also said that it would be free from all encroachments so as to allow people visiting the place to enjoy their trip to the historic site.

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The promise was partially fulfilled when government showed determination to clear the area of all long and short term encroachments. It also cleared the footpaths for the free movements of pedestrian traffic. The government reportedly spent about Rs 45 crore to clean up and beautify the whole place. But that was that.

Today the bundiwalahs, thelewalahs are back in every nook and corner of Charminar in overwhelming numbers making it almost impossible to the people to visit the historic area.

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Will the government wake up to it promise? Or shall the public say bye, bye to its determination that the government had demonstrated for a short while? #KhabarLive