Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan’s recent words and actions are raising many doubts. Is he suffering from an identity crisis in the political world? Or is he fanning the religious hatred for political gains? Is he a double-tongued man?

On one hand, he blows his own trumpet to declare that he has no caste feelings but at the same time he frequently rakes up the caste and regions matter in his speeches.

Of late, he has been talking about religion, caste, and creed in almost all his public speeches. He is playing this card in a planned manner.

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“Only Hindu leaders playing religious politics. Hindu leaders fan religious hatred. Politicians from other religions don’t indulge in such activities,” Pawan Kalyan declared in Tirupathi.

Conversely, he also talks about why CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s caste and religion. It looks like he is suffering from some issues.

His incoherent speeches seem to be the result of feeling pressure to prove his worth and get noticed. #KhabarLive

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