The Pocharam Reservoir Lake in Medak is a perfect weekend getaway spot for those who cannot resist the lure of scenic beauty and spirit of adventure. Ever experienced fresh air from lake side, surrounded by lush greenery? Then, plan your holiday to Pocharam Reservoir Lake in Medak, which could be the perfect place to visit and spend a couple of hours in serene atmosphere.

With its varied landscape, Telangana has many beautiful lakes and great rivers spread all over the State and Pocharam Reservoir Lake is among them, where you can walk a bit on the dam and dip your feet in the water.

This place is a must-visit if you love picnics and it is definitely an ideal location if you are looking for quick weekend getaway. The reservoir, which serves as a storage point on the Allair River has become one of the favourite picnic spots for travellers.

The dam was built between 1916-1922 over Allair River is a tributary of the Manjeera River. There is also Nizam’s Bungalow, situated near the reservoir, which was constructed in 1918. The island located in the centre of the reservoir is home to various species of shrubs.

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A walk on the banks of reservoir is like an adventurous activity. Boating in the dam and the walk in the island are what this attractive reservoir lake offers and you cannot ask for a better way to enjoy the beautiful nature. The dam is a wonderful site with water flowing freely throughout the monsoon. It is a perfect place to visit for people who are into nature just for the solace it offers. Unlike other lakes in the State, it is famous for its pristine beauty and surroundings.

This breath-taking lake, which leaves awe-inspiring moments for tourists, is also considered the best place for a get-together. The reservoir lake also acts as an ideal water body for fishing and promises a good catch to those who love angling. The dam gets misty because of the flow of water over the steps and gives a feel of walking on a road of water, besides making it an alluring and accessible tourist spot in the district.

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This apart, Pocharam Reservoir Lake is very close to Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary which has southern tropical mixed dry deciduous forests and which provides natural habitat to five species of antelope and deer.

Surrounded by lush green forest, the place has rich flora and fauna and is an ideal spot for eco-tourism where visitors can enjoy spotting antelopes and deer. The sanctuary is home to animals like wild dog, leopard, wolf, jackal, forest cat, sloth bear, sambar, nilgai, chinkara, chital, and four-horned antelope.

How to reach
It is well-accessible by road from Medak, nearly 20 km away, and is around 120 km from Hyderabad. There is no rail transport to Medak and visitors from different parts of the State can reach here through own vehicles or buses.

TSRTC runs a number of buses from all the districts to Medak, and from there you can catch an auto or hire any taxi. Those going from Hyderabad are advised to travel by their own car for comfort. Tourists can stay at Medak town which has several hotels offering accommodation options while there are many restaurants for having quality food.

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Nearby places
At a distance of around 80 km from Medak is the Saraswati Temple, situated on a hillock at Wargal village of Siddipet. It is of the most famous Saraswati temples in the State after Basara and famous for Aksharaabhyasam for children.

The temple complex also boasts of other lords such as Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi, Lord Shanishwara and Lord Shiva. A tall victory pillar is also located nearby. The temple has statues of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Lakshmana and Goddesses Lakshmi.

Many families visit this temple for their children’s Aksharaabhyasam on Vasantha Panchami (Jan/Feb) before they join school for the first time. Meals are provided for free for all the devotees at the temple premises called as Nitya Annadanam. #KhabarLive