Do you know you can use chronic illness can be used as a tool of enlightenment? Most of the time, it is our physical body that reflects the spiritual and psychological imprints of our experiences. Many-a-times, our chronic illness can be healed with emotional and spiritual patterns.

In the Chinese medicine system, personality archetype has been correlated with the internal organ imbalance to cure the chronic illness of an individual. There are certain problems such as kidney imbalance and adrenal fatigue that has been caused because of the excessive fears and psychological reasons. Usually, these problems come in Water bodies.

Water bodies
“Water types” bodies tend to be introspective and inward in nature who suppresses our feelings rather than expressing the same. So, whenever we have problems regarding kidney issues like having the weaker kidneys then you should ask one thing to yourself that “what energies am I holding around heritage and ancestors that might be depleting the kidney energy? Or “what are the fears that I am holding?” Asking these questions to yourself will help find out what is the lying problem there behind the kidney problem.

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Woody bodies
While on the other hand, when we talk about the person with problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, dizziness, anger and so on then you might belong with a “woody” personality. It is because of the imbalance of the liver problems. The person with the imbalance of the liver and gallbladder are facing difficulty in making these decisions. Wood spirituality is about creativity so whenever you are facing these issues, you can ask yourself “what issues am I holding that is dealing with the suppressed anger?”

Metal bodies
Metal personalities tend to be more prone to problems such as lung challenges, asthma,
bronchitis, and other auto-immune issues. These issues are large expresses through the large intestine. The people who have strong metal injustices can have irritable bowel syndrome. There are so many experiences and feelings that make us serve our bodies. It is our body that reflects what we feel and what are our experiences.

If you are a perfectionist then you might come under the category of the metal bodies as they want to get the highest level of achievement. There are also other types of bodies are present though these are the most commonly found there.

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The role of spirituality in health care!
Spirituality is nothing but a way to find out the meaning, comfort, and hope for your life. It makes you know why you are there in this world and what you will do there in this world. Many people got spiritually with their religion while some find spirituality in the music, art or while creating a connection with nature. While for others, values and principles can be the reason behind the spirituality in health care.

Let us now discuss how spirituality is connected to health?
Many people don’t know how spirituality is connected to health. Yes, all our body parts like mind, body, and sprits are well connected and all these are connected with our health. The health of one of these parts is directly connected to the health of the others so it is important to keep all your body parts fit and in a healthy state.

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Even according to the daily health news in English, researches have proven that there is a direct connection between the beliefs and the sense of the well being. It means if you are feeling good both emotionally and spiritually then higher are the chances that your body will stay healthy for a longer duration of time.

Things such as comfort, positive belief and the strength generated from Yoga, meditation, and prayer are the reasons behind the health of an individual. These are the things that will help you in having a healthier life, these are the things that promote the well being of the one. These are things that prevent health problems and help you to cope up with illness, death and other problems.

Looking at the emotional and spiritual patterns helps in learning the health conditions of an individual. If a person is emotionally and spiritually balanced then higher are the chances that the one will not suffer from the diseases. #KhabarLive