Telangana is home to some of the unique flora and fauna species which make wildlife sanctuaries in the State a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. As the State is dotted with thick forests, offering a habitat to large number of species, a trip to a wildlife sanctuary should not be missed if you want to watch the wild animal in its natural habitat.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary in Mulugu district is one such place where you can explore one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in the State. This splendid wildlife reserve is located near the Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Telangana border.

The land in this wildlife park is undulating from steep slopes to gentle slopes from west to east. Three-quarters of the area consist of a plain while the rest is hilly with many streams and springs. Godavari River passes through the sanctuary.

The wildlife sanctuary also has some historical significance owing to the existence of tree fossils in the Sarvai area and caves. The vegetation here is tropical dry deciduous with teak and other trees of good quality standing at 60-foot height.

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It is home to tiger, leopard, wolf, dhole, golden jackal, sloth bear, chousingha, blackbuck, nilgai, sambar, spotted deer, chinkara, Indian giant squirrel and many kinds of birds and reptiles like mugger crocodile, python, cobra and krait.

According to Telangana Tourism, Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is counted as those rare eco-regions around the globe that have various embryonic species of ephemeral elements. The perennial river Dayyam Vagu flows through this beautiful sanctuary and separates the wildlife sanctuary into two parts.

Moreover, there is trekking at Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers stunning scenery of the landscape and gives a chance to meet its cheerful, friendly people. Visitors go for trekking here to explore the beautiful ecotourism scenery spots, remote villages, indigenous people and their daily lifestyle.

In addition, cycling and trail-walking facilities for tourists were also opened, where you can go into the forest along a specially-prepared 5-km-long route. Along this trail, viewing locations have been prepped for Sambar and other wildlife. Those who walked the trail have loved it.

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How to reach: The sanctuary is located at a distance of 110 kms from Warangal and nearly 255 kms from Hyderabad. There are cottages and rest houses at Tadvai, forest rest house at Warangal and ITDA guest house at Eturnagaram. Haritha Kakatiya Hotel in Warangal city handles the tourist flow to the heritage city of Warangal while there are some hotels close to the highway near Eturnagaram which offer food.

Tadvai Huts: At a distance of 19 km towards Warangal, you can find Tadvai Forest Huts where you can come close to the nature and get in touch with trees that are over 100 years old. These huts are maintained by the Forest Department and the accommodation with basic amenities costs Rs 2,500 for two persons. You can wake up in the morning listening to the humming of birds like Malabar Whistling Trush Malabar Giant Squirrel and lots of rare birds for a birdwatcher.

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Dameravai Dolmens: Deep inside the thick forest near Dameravai village, megalithic tombs called dolmens can be found on a hillock named Suragun-daiah Gutta, which are believed to be 5,000 years old, and provide an opportunity to learn more about pre-historic man. From Tadvai forest huts via Katapur village, it is at 17 km and now there is a good road connectivity to visit the place.

Kondeti View Point: Planning to explore a view point/ hill station in the midst of fresh environs and alluring scenic beauty, then Kondeti is an ideal option for you. The picturesque region with its unspoiled nature offers an outstanding feel to the tourists. From Tadvai via Medaram, it is 23 kms and from Tadvai via Chinnaboinapalli, it is 24 kms. #KhabarLive