A couple of months ago when Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao made a sudden inspection of Yadadri temple which is being given a complete makeover and developed on the lines of Tirumala temple, he fumed at the officials for the delay in works.

KCR was angry because he wanted the temple to be inaugurated in the month of February because of auspicious muhurthams.

He was also planning to conduct a massive “Maha Sudershana Yagam” in a sprawling 100 acres of land, for which he wanted to invite all seers from across the country, besides top political heads from all parts of the nation.

But, the Yadadri authorities were helpless as there were no funds from the state government to speed up the works. Yet, they tried to give an impression that they would complete the works within the deadline.

In the last couple of months, KCR himself has realised that there is really no money in the kitty even to pay salaries to the employees, let alone taking up works like Yadadri. He is struggling to fill the coffers by increasing taxes on liquor and going in for borrowings.

So, when KCR went to Yadadri again on Tuesday, he understood that it is not possible to complete the works without giving further release of money. So, he told the authorities not to hurry up things and go according to the original schedule.

“There is no need for any anxiety or hastening of Yadadri temple renovation works as the temple will remain permanently with quality and as per the laid down Shastras. There is no need for any deadlines. So, there is no compromise on the quality and perfection, which should be done in accordance with the Agamasastra rules,” he said.

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Going by the chief minister’s statement, it appears he has postponed his plan to conduct Maha Sudershana Yagam as well in February.

Earlier the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao emphasised that the Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple at Yadadri was a permanent structure and that the renovation works being carried out could not be defined by deadlines. Let there not be any anxiety about completing the works based on deadlines nor is there any need to speed up the process of renovation works since the focus should be on quality and grandeur as per the rules laid down in the Shastras, he said.

Speaking at a high-level review meeting after a six-hour visit of the temple, the Chief Minister suggested that all the works should be done in accordance with the Agamasastra rules with good quality construction and giving details to perfection. Earlier, he went around Yadadri accompanied by officials from various departments. The Chief Minister started with a special pooja to Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy and took blessings from Vedic scholars. He went around the temple premises for two hours, and keenly inspected the works being done at Gopuram, Dwaja Sthambham, Sivalayam, sanctum sanctorum, Mada streets, queue lines, kitchen where Prasadam is prepared, towers, Pushkarini and Yagashala. The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction that all the works of the temple were being carried out to reflect the spirituality and traditions.

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Note of caution
“Works on the temple cannot be completed as per deadlines. Since they are going to be permanent structures, every precaution should be taken on all aspects. Constructions should be done not to disturb the sanctum sanctorum’s structure and its prominence. There is no need to hurry the works. Follow caution and quality. Constructions should be strong and everything should be done in tune with the Agamasastra rules. This is an ancient temple. Performing poojas here is a tradition for many, handed down from generations together as a hereditary custom. Lakshmiarasimha Swamy has devotees not only in our country but in other countries too. In the days to come, lakhs of devotees will visit Yadadri. Hence, the aim should be to ensure that the devotees face no problems in having darshan, their stay, their holy bath at Pushkarini and while tonsuring their heads,” the Chief Minister said.

Chandrashekhar Rao complimented the sculptors who had created wonderful sculptures from hard rocks. He also appreciated the way the temple premises was designed to be filled with statues of gods and goddesses. The Chief Minister said the hard work that was put in by 560 sculptors had borne fruit after four years in the form of great walls. Stating that a temple with cent per cent statues was made possible only in Yadadri, he said that gardens and green cover should be created for a pleasant atmosphere at the temple premises. The Chief Minister also directed the officials concerned to ensure that wall paintings depicting the greatness of the temple, the story of Lakshmiarasimha Swamy and Sthala Purana should be on display.

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Inspects ring roads
Later, Chandrashekhar Rao inspected the ring road works going on at Yadadri. He also visited the 15 VVIP cottages being constructed as part of the Presidential Suite, and suggested some changes there. He said the Presidential suites should be constructed in a manner that would ensure a comfortable stay for the President or the Prime Minister. Like Baswapuram reservoir, Mylargudem Tank near the Presidential Suite should also be developed as a tourist spot, he said, adding that works on the area between the main temple and the ring road should be developed as planned in the past. He wanted the works on the tank (Koneru) to begin.

Ministers Jagadish Reddy, Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Ch Malla Reddy, Government Whip G Sunitha, Rajya Sabha Member Santosh Kumar, MLAs Sekhar Reddy, Gadari Kishore, Vivekananda, MLCs Seri Subhash Reddy, A Krishna Reddy, Sambipur Raj, ZP Chairman A Sandeep Reddy, YTDA Special Officer Kishan Rao, District Collector Anita Ramachandran, temple EO Gita, temple sculptor Ananda Sai, R&B E-in-Cs Ganapathi Reddy, Ravindra Rao and Special Secretary Bhoopal Reddy accompanied the Chief Minister. #KhabarLive