Hyderabad has a unique appeal to outsiders. Every place in the city has its own uniqueness, so to speak. While Laad Bazaar is known for its bangles, DLF stretch for its food bandis, Hitec City for playing host to software companies, Sultan Bazaar for its shopping options, RTC Cross Roads is known for being a hub of movie theatres.

Well, how crazy people here are about films and anything that’s got to do with the movie world is no secret. Step into Krishna Nagar and you’ll understand what we mean. This popular area in the vicinity of Jubilee Hills is home to many aspiring actor, writer, director and technician who want to eke out a career in film field. No wonder, then, that you can find film personalities – from junior artistes to budding stars – here every now and then.

In fact, that’s how Krishna Nagar became popular as ‘industry adda’ as it attracts people from various parts of the Telugu-speaking States. An eco-friendly place, it’s now a bustling suburb especially for people working in the Telugu film industry, besides a few software professionals.

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While many popular film personalities of today made their humble beginnings from here, it is also a stone’s throw away from Annapurna Studios, KBR Park and LV Prasad hospital and Prasad Labs. In fact, the area has become some kind of a tourist attraction for those who keep hoping to get a glimpse of their matinee idols.

In short, anything which is related to the film industry would be seen or found here. There are a few places like Ganapathi Complex, Chai Babu Chai, Metro Café and Manga tiffin centre which are regular addas (read meeting points) for people to find out information about auditions and and latest updates about movies.

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People here start their routines from 4 am when the production van starts to pick up people who are involved in moviemaking – ready, with packed stuff, to start their day on a hopeful and cheerful note.

Appa Rao, who hails from East Godavari, has been staying in Krishna Nagar from the past seven years. He shares how his journey to Hyderabad “was to become actor and prove myself”. “And after landing in Hyderabad, I directly went to Krishna Nagar, because it’s a pocket-friendly place and you would be getting more knowledge and information about the industry if you stay there. I had five friends who used to meet regularly and discuss stories and ideas,” he says.

However, it’s pure luck to become an actor and a successful one at that as there are thousands of people who are trying to become actors, he adds, a bit ruefully. “But Krishna Nagar never made a person sleep with empty stomach. There is always some or the other work for a person who stays here. Anybody who steps into the place would be learning something or the other,” he says in a cheery tone.

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Of course, there are people who would be cheating and taking money too, shares the old-timer who is glad that he “came with empty pockets but learnt many things”. “I’ve noticed that some people who stay here hesitate to mention that they are from here. But, in my case, I always feel proud and confident about the place I live and the work I do,” shares Appa Rao who has acted in Rangasthalam, Chal Mohan Ranga, Majili, Venky Mama, Ninnu Thalachi, Anagana Oka Durga, besides the web series Pelli Gola 2. “In one word, it’s the place for film industry,” concludes Appa Rao. #KhabarLive