Laboratory refrigerators are specially designed refrigerators that are used in laboratories to preserve samples and experiment results. This article provides information about this clinical electronic appliance.

Often laboratories need to preserve different samples and experiments for future reference. These specimens must be refrigerated so it can last for a long time. Specially designed refrigerators are used in the laboratories for this purpose. Laboratory refrigerators ( are these special freezers. These machines are not like normal household freezes; they are advanced and crafted to meet the special requirements.

Laboratory refrigerators are used to preserve the plasma. Blood samples, cell culture treys and other samples related to pharmaceutical or medical importance. These freezers are hygiene and can be used for freezing samples and products for a long period.

How does it work?
Lab fridges have a special feature. They can maintain a certain temperature for a long time consistently. It prevents bacterial and fungal contamination in samples. The laboratory refrigerators have a different method to maintain a highly accurate temperature range. These machines come with specially designed fans that circulate the air inside the freezer evenly. The fans turn off if the machine is opened so that no cool air goes out from the freezing chamber. The freezes also have separated compartments to prevent cross-contamination between different samples. The separated chambers can store different samples or vaccines or medicines.

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Types of laboratory refrigerators:

Laboratory refrigerators are of different types and each of the models has their own purpose. This machine has four variants-

Explosion-proof lab refrigerators
Explosion-proof lab refrigerators are specially designed to store materials that are inflammable and dangerous. It can prevent fire breakouts caused by electric sparks. These freezers should be used for explosive liquids or gases or substances only.

2. General lab refrigerators
General lab refrigerators are the basic this machine. It can monitor and control the temperature for a long time. This machine is often seen as laboratories for preserving chemicals or samples. The general lab refrigerators have digital displays and have specially designed interlocked shelves and sections to make maintenance easier.

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3. Blood bank refrigerator
Blood bank refrigerators are specially designed so that the blood of different groups can be preserved in different compartments. They also have a special feature like temperature controlled atmosphere control.

4. Chromatography refrigerators
Chromatography refrigerators are designed only for conducting experiments. These machines offer accurate temperature control and a stable environment.

Laboratory refrigerators usually have a temperature ranging from 2 degree Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. The temperature can also be customized as per the laboratory. Laboratory freezers can have a thermostat for temperature signs or may have a digital display to provide information. Some freezers also have a special feature to control the moisture and air circulation. These types of refrigerators are used to preserve the seeds and in those labs where the samples must be examined by opening the freezer frequently.

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