A 30 year old young aspiring woman, a Mother, an illustrator and Instagrammer named Swarnima Telang is filled with a lot of positivity and enthusiasm. Her belief is built on the base of simplicity and satisfaction of life. Based on her thought process and her stance towards life, she initiated a page on social media called “ItsAHappyWorld”.

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Although I strongly believe that concept of looks is overrated and it's all about perspective but yes I do believe in 'charm' some people have such a charming personality that even if you meet them for few mins they will instantly charge you up. A brief conversation with them lits up the mood..and do you think there is any relation between a charming personality and good looks?? I don't think so… ? But yes a charming personality and an infectious smile are definitely related ?? Big cheers to such people for their social work. #oldpostreminder . . . . #itsahappyworld #illustration_daily #illustrator #doodleart #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #artoftheday #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #happyliving #happiness#tinytales #quotes #wordporn #nature #love #instagood #instagram #instaart #igers #follow #picoftheday #gratitude #weekday #smile #india #sydney

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“I always loved drawing but never thought of sharing it online. But a couple of years back, when I very actively started using social media, there was a point where I noticed that there was a lot of negativity floating around. People while discussing politics and sharing their opinions, cursed each other and posted hate comments. I wanted to make a difference and to bring back the old good vibes of positive content. I wanted to make a change in people’s perspective of the world around us and with this, the idea of ‘itsahappyworld’ popped out.” says SwarnimaTelang.

“The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have. ItsAHappyWorld is a website that preaches this sentence all along. It is quite significant to appreciate what you have in life and not be insatiable about needs and wants. Secondly, it is also imperative to understand that in this very nerve-racking life, people must find ways to stay happy and joyful in order to continue being rational.

ItsAHappyWorld provides those few minutes of ecstasy and contentment to every hurting soul. This website has quotes, drawing, illustrations etc. that when people read, find inspiration and encouragement to stay happy and fulfilled in their lives. This is exactly why ItsAHappyWorld have gathered a huge quantity of followers on Instagram.

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Nowadays.. unfortunately most of the things that we do involve our phones or some kind of gadgets be it Tab, camera, phone, TV something like this ….very less time we spend without our phone or doing things that don't involve technology..like reading, craft, painting sewing, dancing, playing any instrument. If we take out little more time to try such things we'll realise that they are far more effective in calming and soothing us down than anything else. #foodforthought . . . . #itsahappyworld #illustration_daily #illustrator #doodleart #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #artoftheday #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #happyliving #happiness #tinytales #quotes #wordporn #nature #love #instagood #instagram #instaart #igers #follow #picoftheday #gratitude #weekdaymotivation #hobby #sydney #india #quotestoliveby

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Swarnima had realized the fact that social media websites are the most influential things in today’s era. Definitely there is a lot of negativity around the world that affects people including their professional and personal life but people still surf the internet and they still connect with what they read or see on the internet.

ItsAHappyWorld was created with the same motive that is to effect people in a positive manner and to help them realize that even in the worst of situation one can be happy if one chooses to. Being satisfied and contended with what we have and living the most of each minute we spend alive is the foundation line for ItsAHappyWorld.

ItsAHappyWorld also provides inspiration to people. It gives people the confidence and the egg on to live their dreams, however small or big it is. Being in a happy place can only be possible when one is living the life they have always wanted to. ItsAHappyWorld gives people those wings of anticipation and ambition.

Ruskin Bond has been the driving force for Swarnima and her beliefs. Swarnima has also been very inspired as well as grateful to her followers and the people who appreciate her work on a daily basis. This also gave her the encouragement to establish a website that would merchandize products based on the phrases and drawings on ItsAHappyWorld. Although her focus has never been the money or the returns that she earns from ItsAHappyWorld, she decided to explore this part of the website as well. The response from people was also very heartening. It boosted her energy and her motivation to persuade people towards a happy life.

The undivided support and love that Swarnima Telang received from her family and her friends have also been a very important part in her success story. Her husband had given her the strength to move ahead with her ideas and her dreams in life and the rest would be managed by him. To have such strong support is also bliss in Swarnima’s life which she never fails to appreciate.

ItsAHappyWorld is Swarnima Telang’s dream that is still in progress. There is still a lot to explore for Swarnima and a lot to provide to her virtual family. She never stops imagining and giving people the best of what she can offer. The accomplishment and augmentation that ItsAHappyWorld has received is all because of Swarnima’s faith in happiness, confidence and her simplicity and portraying her thoughts.

Keep adding happiness lives with her artwork. You can find her work at: Instagram | Facebook | Website

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