A unique abode that is in complete harmony with the location, this 2200 sq ft apartment in Hyderabad’s posh locality is truly a sight to feast your eyes on. Interior designer Kavita Tolani of Kamal Kavita Interiors took up the task to provide the family with a luxurious visual treat–of Mughal Architecture and modern aesthetics.

The design brief to build a home with a fusion of Indian traditional and modern and has been crafted keeping in mind the location and the needs of the family. Kavita practised the power of illumination and filled the space with lighting pieces right from ceiling lights to lamps to chandeliers and even candle stands…

The home commands an unapologetic flamboyance. As soon as you enter, you will notice that each room has a unique set of colours and wall carvings this helps bring out the character of the space. You will find traces of Indo-Islamic architecture which forms the base of Mughal architecture. Going into the drawing-room the interiors are traditional yet different and unique in the way they have been executed. The traditional Indian carving on the walls offer quite an exclusive background and this paired with the striking Moroccan pattern on the doors provides the entire space with a very opulent and luxurious finish. ”Crown Moldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home, they were a major part of our drawing-room walls,” says Kamal Tolani.

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The drawing room is flanked with velvet plush seaters in subtle colours of peach and tan. The room is complete with a statement armchair, chandeliers and lamps that offer the room a sense of understated luxury. The dining room is absolutely flawless in the way it has been crafted; right from the chandelier, to the comfortable velvet dining chairs, the walls along the table gives it a very opulent finish. The table is set with candles and the walls are decorated with paintings and a metal finish console. ”Luckily we had some beautiful paintings done by the client herself, which added a lot of personal touch to their dining room walls,” says Tolani.

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Master bedroom is the highlight of the apartment and features a velvet striking red headboard along with traditional lamps. The contemporary style side tables help create a balance in the room. The daughter’s bedroom is made in soft shades of grey and pink, along with a teenage vibe the designer had to accommodate all of her needs for space. The room is versatile and fits in everything right from a TV space to a study area, to bookshelves, a Hollywood style vanity with a wardrobe. Along with all of this Kavita Tolani has also managed to give the room a bay window with seating to accommodate the teenager’s style. ”A Hollywood vanity was designed in their daughter’s room, her room also had a lot of Venetian details on her bed, vanity and bookshelf,” says Kavita.

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The house–adorned with paintings–reminiscent by the house owner who lends her art–dates back to two decades. The house though mixed with a lot of different elements and styles still manages to look like one entity with all the décor and designs coming together with the blend of traditional and modern. #KhabarLive