The Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) has started to tighten the noose around errant private junior colleges in Telangana. All colleges has to submit the required documents for verification to get the affiliation from BIE.

Starting this year, the private and corporate junior college managements which submit all necessary documents such as fire No objection Certificate (NoC) of Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services Department, sanitation certificate, and structural stability of the building, among others only will be granted affiliation.

Like every year, receiving affiliation forms till grant of affiliation will be done online. However, this time, all certificates that are submitted by private and corporate college managements will be cross-checked with issuing authority.

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“If a college is submitting a fire NoC of Fire Services Department, the NoC will be cross-checked with the department for its genuineness. The Board is coming up with a software programme which automatically detects and verifies genuineness of the documents. This time, we will not grant affiliation even if there is a minor deficiency,” said senior official.

The Board intends to issue notification inviting applications for grant of affiliation for the academic year 2020-21 in a week or 10 days. Every year, the affiliation process is extended till October or November, but this time, it has decided to complete the entire affiliation process by May 31.

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A list of private and corporate colleges that have been granted affiliation will be placed on the Board’s website and students taking admission into any private or corporate junior colleges can check whether a particular college has received affiliation for the academic year 2020-21 or not.

A total of 3,234 junior colleges including 2,121 private and corporate, 709 under the government sector and 404 government junior colleges were there during the academic year 2019-20. Of the total, 2,786 junior colleges sought affiliation, of which 2,570 were granted permission including 1,486 private and corporate junior colleges, 680 colleges under government sector and 404 government junior colleges.

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Last year, 68 private and corporate colleges failed to submit fire NoC and operated without affiliation. Now, these colleges will be shut down by the Board after completion of Intermediate Public Examinations in March 2020. #KhabarLive