Being perfect is disturbing so stop being your worst critic! Accepting our personal imperfections like crooked teeth or a wonky nose- is hard when there’s a fix for every flaw: cosmetic surgery, Botox or a miracle diet. And we are all surrounded by so many images of female perfection online.

When you accept your flaws gracefully, you validate your own self- worth. Being flawless is disturbing to the eyes. The desire for perfection should never go out of control. It is all about understanding your imperfections and accepting them and most importantly using the imperfections to your advantage. When you accept your flaws, you validate your own self-worth.”

We all are wired differently, and hence have different facets to our own personality. Not all parts of our body or our personality will be immaculate; there will be some negatives or flaws. But accepting them and understanding your set of weakness helps to be calm and positive. Psychologist Seema Hingorrany says, “Accepting your flaws is the key to self-development. It’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin, as being perfect or wanting to be the perfect one is just an illusion not reality.”

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When you accept your flaws, you validate your own self-worth. Vidya Balan made critics respect her talent and her passion for her craft. We too should tell the world, loud and clear, that we will not tolerate disrespect. Remember that bullies back off when the victim turns on them. If all of us had to look alike, wouldn’t nature have created us out of the same mould? Let us celebrate our individual worth and our uniqueness which is what gives so much colour and variety to life.

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There is nothing one can do to alter genetic predisposition. Instead of focusing on our negative, we need to just accept and accentuate on our positives. Having perfect look doesn’t define us. It is all about how you carry your imperfections with style and grace. To be born with a scar or a scanty hair is definitely not a disqualification.

Perfectionism is something women are particularly prone to, and the pressure to have it all starts younger than ever these days. Once you start comparing yourself with the celebrity crowd, you feel you are a failure. Psychologist Varkha Chulani says, “One should never allow their ideas to be determined by the society. Anything that is common in society cannot make the idea true or healthy. One should never fall prey to what the media is feeding us with.”

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Healthy striving is all about self-improvement, not self-destruction. So, what is the difference between healthy and unhealthy striving? If your goals have ceased to motivate you and they make you feel anxious and depressed then it is time to apply a brake. Never allow your drive for perfection to get in the way of your balanced life.

Not being perfect is not a sign of failure, in fact, it is a sign of success. Being real takes courage. We all are born with certain features and body types and we cannot ignore our genetic predispositions. It all depends on how well you accentuate or work those imperfections to your advantage. #KhabarLive