The #BeTheRealMan challenge has caught up with film celebrities like wildfire. Big stars are participating in the challenge. They are doing all the household works and they are passing on the challenge to other star colleagues.

It is real fun watching big stars mopping the floor, cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner, washing dishes, cooking something for their mothers, wives etc.

These videos going viral in social media and they are getting huge appreciation from netizens. This is just one side of the coin.

If we take a look at the other side of the coin, these videos are taking a toll on lockdown husbands.

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We all know that all the people are confined to their homes. The majority of them are idle but there are people who has the option of work from home. They are really busy with their work. Professionals like software engineers fall into this category. They are also in double tension now to safeguard their jobs and working more than required to impress their employers.

These guys are facing the heat from there wives because of the the #BeTherealMan challenge. Working from home doesn’t mean they are enjoying life. They have to be responsible towards their work and they should never fail on deliverables.

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But the majority of the wives started demanding them to help them in household chores by taking a cue from the celebrities.

They are arguing with their husbands that “When the celebrities themselves are doing household works and helping their wives why don’t you guys help us? Your work appears to be simple and not that complicated you used to tell me. Why don’t you help me?” This logic sounds really good but it is logically illogical.

Celebrities who are sitting idle at home can do anything they want. They can even do circus feats. But they cannot do the same when they are at the shooting location.

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Likewise, the people who are working from home cannot do all the household chores just because they are working from home. It will certainly deviate them from their work, and will impact the quality of their work as well as their job in this time.

The celebrities should observe caution when they are giving a message to the society. Otherwise this kind of things will happen for sure. #KhabarLive