The sweet, smooth summer taste. We called it the Ice Apple or natures Halwa. It’s called Thati Munjalu in telugu, palmyra palm tree fruit, Taal in Bengali, Tadfali in Gujarati,Tari in Hindi, Tale Hannu or Taten in Kannada, Targula in Konkani, Pana Nangu in Malayalam, Tala in Oriya, Taati Nungu in Tamil, Thaati Chettu / Thaati Munjalu in Telugu, Munjal in Urdu.

This delicious fleshy fruit with translucent jelly like flesh is found on streets of India during summer. Due to its body cooling effect, look and feel, it is known as ice apple. Thaati Munjalu or Ice apple has a lot of health benefits that are discussed below.

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Thaati Munjalu provides a perfect balance of minerals and sugar for the body during the summer season, it is rich in B vitamin, iron and calcium.

Thaati Munjalu, the Ice apple is also rich in Vitamin A and C, Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium, which are good for the human body to flush out the toxins naturally. The juicy Thati Munjalu fruit provides cooling effect to the skin and body that can reduce the itchiness in people suffering from chickenpox.

Over all the best use of fruit is that this is a natural coolant food for the body during the hot summer season. It is one of the best summer fruits consumed to beat the harsh heat. Below are few health benefits of Thaati Munjalu or ice apple :

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Thaati Munjalu aids in Weight Loss and getting rid of Nausea.

The indigenous people say it’s an effective cure to the Chickenpox virus. It has anti-viral properties is what their opinion says about this fruit.

Thaati Munjalu helps beat the Heat Stroke during harsh summers.

Thaati Munjalu helps in digestion and constipation During Pregnancy and reduces acidity, which is very common with pregnant women.

It helps in Hydration, Stomach Ailments & Digestion, Fatigue, Liver Problems are cured as it flushes out the toxins out of the body because of high potassium content in the fruit,

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Prickly Heat Pimples, Boils are best prevented by Thaati Munjalu as they reduce the overall body temperature under control. It minimizes the risk of Breast Cancer, and Boost the body Energy with right balance of minireals and nutrients. #KhabarLive