The scenario of post lockdown is grimmy but the business options is plenty. A leading brand Stanza Living offering a quick way to choose a good option to live in a better. Finding the accommodation is always a herculean task to working class or students in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has become a leading hub of trade and commerce and an international center for information technology (IT), which constitutes a lion’s share of the city’s economy. The city, with its excellent education system and good job opportunities, is being inundated by young students and professionals migrating to the city every year in search of better education and employment opportunities.

This city is a paradise for millennials because it does not have a language barrier as Hindi and English are widely spoken across the city. The presence of a strong infrastructure base as well as a sound upcoming supply of infrastructure projects also gives the city lots of advantages.

The influx of student and millennial population has resulted in the increasing demand for accommodation and the city has enough and more on offer. There are in-campus hostels, private hostels, paying guest accommodation, rental apartments, and managed living residences to name a few.
If you want a paying guest accommodation, then the first thing you need to do is to understand your budget because, in a new city, affordability is the biggest issue.

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But even if you have a budget, what you need to be able to do is recognize the value of a place and accordingly have flexibility on what you are willing to adjust with and what you aren’t. Often you will find a good online search gives you a fair idea of what opportunities you can explore before you even land in the city. It will also save you the hassle of going through brokers.

Next, choose a location where public transport is easily available and commuting to different parts of the city is not a problem. It should be close to your educational institute or office and easily accessible from the main roads. The place you have shortlisted should offer you basic amenities like WIFI connectivity, uninterrupted power supply, CCTV cameras, and open living spaces with interactive common areas.

Ensure that you check with the landlord if he is offering you all meals and if it’s included in the rent. Also, check if there is a curfew time and what is the latest time by which you have to return to the property. Getting this information is very important in order to avoid future unpleasantness. Before moving in you should be aware of the guest policy as every PG owner has his or her own guest policy.

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College hostel and PG charges at times work out so high that a student from a middle-class family may have to think twice before renting it. Besides these higher charges do not warrant decent facilities like high-speed WIFI and good food among other things. Though hostels and Paying Guests claim to be affordable options when it comes to comparing the facilities with the cost it totally fails. Another important factor is security when it comes to hostels and PGs in Hyderabad. Security here is overlapped with restrictions.

Millennials and students of today are living in a world that is changing faster every moment than it ever did. They need to adapt and positively leverage these fast-changing environments – which means a greater focus on their personal and professional growth is imperative. But if they have to keep adjusting for the fulfilment of living needs and don’t find a conducive atmosphere to live and grow, this will become difficult.

Today, the concept of traditional PG accommodation is fast changing to professionally managed accommodation with companies like Stanza Living. Targeted at students and young working professionals, they are fully-managed accommodation providers who operate a professional set-up that offers everything from fully-furnished rooms to all-inclusive amenities for a hassle-free yet economical stay.

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Managed living is fast catching on in Hyderabad and is becoming a lifestyle choice rather than just an economic necessity. Some of the major advantages that managed living spaces offer are:

– A lesser percentage of the security deposit as compared to traditional renting options

– Facilities like fully furnished properties, nutritious meals, fast speed internet, laundry, housekeeping, and 24×7 security

– Focus on balancing personal zones (rooms and private spaces) with interactive common areas (dining halls, shared kitchens, outdoor spaces, entertainment areas). This creates a healthy mix of privacy and collaboration, without forcing you to adjust in cramped and poorly maintained places

– More freedom to the occupants as they strike a healthy balance between safety (high-tech security-enabled residences) and independence (flexibility in timings).

– Opportunities for the residents to socialize and have regular interactions with each other through community engagement programs.

If you are looking for a comfortable stay with no strings attached, our recommendation would be to look at these managed accommodation providers where you get high-quality residential options along with comfort, luxury, and safety – all under one roof! #KhabarLive #hydnews #stanzaliving