A lot of studies have come up in infections, ulcers, old age and so on. But have you heard one that says your hair could be shouting out some truths- some that you never would have heard about in life?

It is weird and yes interesting and that is what caught our attention. So, let’s dwell into that health zone.

Gray Hair, Infections, and A Break on Human Immunity System: Research Says it All!

The recent study was revealed by the PLOS and this is what they have to tell us!

Of course, for the study mice were used and the experiment indicated that is a person’s hair got grey – that could probably be a signal of the onset of the immunity system being hampered.

Now, down to the details of this subject… 

People often ignore the fact that they get a few strands of grey hair, but research points out that – it is the way the body lets us know that we have a strong chance of acquiring a dangerous illness and that we need to be careful.

 A change in hair color indicates the presence of an infection within the cells of the human body.

The body works like this: When an unknown virus or some form of bacteria enters the body, it gets alarmed. That is when the white cells get into action and start fighting away the virus or bacteria. 

But sometimes, the body could get under a strain and this could weaken the immune system badly.

An after- effect of this could be that the hair gets grey and that will affect the entire look of the person in the long term.

Though surprising, research shows that the hair follicles and the immunity system of the body have a peculiar connection to each other.

When the severity of the virus gets stronger, the element of innate immunity is forced to work hard. This  Innate immunity is also called as the MITF. 

  • Once the MITF works too hard, this could have a negative result on the hair and that is what ultimately leads to a color change in the hair strands.
  • Just like the hair color changes as part of a pigmentation process, the same could happen on the rest of the body.
  • The level of melanin production in the hair follicles decreases and this is what eventually causes the hair to bleach away.
  • That means the body will be more susceptible to infections, UV rays, and much more.
  • This would happen in the form of skin discoloration and also cases of vitiligo can be noticed.
  • Other Reasons
  • Stress: This is one symptom for those light hairs. Dump stress on your mind, and that is surely going to create an imbalance in the mental and physical state of the body. One way it reacts to the body is making hair turn from the original colour to lighter versions, or grey colour.

Lifestyle: Are you a booze and smoke lover? Then overtime, it could shower its negative effects on you. Regular smoking can reduce Vitamin B12 and this will affect the growth of new hair on your scalp.

Got a Solution?

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Well, a freaky solution (actually not a worthwhile one) is to dye the hair, but as you know- that does not bring an end to the affected immune system of the body.

  • Instead, you need to change your lifestyle, and do more fitness exercises to build up your immune system.
  • The body is always on the run against the entry of viruses, but sometimes, it could fail.
  • In normal cases, when the immune system fails, we may get a fever.
  • But as age progresses, and as the human immunity system, the nasty virus will catch hold of the other systems within the body.
  • This is dangerous as time passes, and you need to keep a health check on your body always.

Note: Next time, don’t just cut that strand of grey hair. Instead, understand your body better. Give it the attention it needs and let it be cured in the best way possible. #KhabarLive #hydnews