Moughal Arts Decoration House takes customers down memory lane with vintage, antique pieces in Hyderabad. Want to play your favorite track on a gramophone or waking up to a ticking sound in the pendulum wall clock that was must-have in every home? All these you will find in this historical shoppe.

Well, in this age of technology, where modern gadgets and accessories are changing our lives, old widgets are no longer cool. Yet, Moughal Arts Decoration House located adjacent to Dine Hill restaurant in Masab Tank takes customers on a trip down memory lane with vintage and antique pieces found at every possible corner of the store.

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This 30-year-old store was initially started by Mirza Moustafa Ali Baig and is now being looked after by the Mirza Azhar Ali Baig, the third-generation of a family-run business. From different types of age-long cameras including Polaroid and Lubitel to antique lamps and chandeliers, the store is like a step back into time.

Every item in this shop for antique lovers dates back to at least 60 years, while some are even 100 years old. Baig, an avid Nizam’s enthusiast, who procured most of the antique items in the store from the homes of ‘Nawabs’, says 70-years-old gramophone on the display is the main attraction to customers.

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A diverse range of alarm clocks that date back to the 1960s, antique telephone sets, fancy vintage pens including Parkers and Mont Blancs, copper and silver coins, classic ceramic wall plates, teakwood furniture, ink-pots with fountain pens and photos from Nizam’s family holds the complete attention of history enthusiasts.

Interestingly, every item in the store is in perfect condition and Baig assures customers of 100 percent fix in case they face any problem with any item they purchase.

“The response from the people is good enough. In fact, not every person is all eyes and ears towards history and real antique items. But for history enthusiasts, Moughal Arts can be a one-stop-shop,” says Baig, who is every time geared up to explain every detail about each piece.

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The store is frequented by foreigners and it also has celebrity customers like Rekha, Tabu, Raj Babbar, and more. #KhabarLive #hydnews