Training for recruits in the police force will be physically demanding and at times boring but a police officer in Telangana is proving that it can be made enjoyable. Assistant Sub-Inspector Mohammed Rafi is using the tunes of his legendary namesake to add fun to the drill practice for recruits in Telangana State Special Police.

With his innovative yet amusing style, this officer is pumping energy into the young recruits and at the same time providing them the much-needed entertainment. A video of Rafi’s fun-filled training is currently going viral on social media with many hailing him for his unique effort to make the drill enjoyable.

Netizens are amused over this officer’s moves and the body language as he uses the tunes of Mohammed Rafi’s memorable number ‘Dhal Gaya Din’ mixed with his own words to add exuberance to the drill.

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The officer is heard singing a few lines from the popular song from Humjoli (1970) sung by legendary Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle starring Jeetendra and Leena Chandavarkar. The policeman goes on to twist it with his own words to order the trainees to turn back during the drill. He also incorporated a few slogans hailing the role of police.

It was Hyderabad’s Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Kumar who first tweeted the video hailing the officer’s effort with his comment ‘Hats off to this drill instructor’. The video had over 1.11 lakh views in four days.

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Rafi earned praise from many for displaying innovative skills to make training lively. Indian Police Service (IPS) Association too hailed the ASI. “Training Tunes By Rafi. ASI Md Rafi from Telangana State Special Protection Force has more in common with the legendary singer than just his name,” it tweeted.

“ASI Rafi brings recruits out of homesickness & physical duress by singing songs while conducting physical drills,” the Association added. #KhabarLive #hydnews