Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR is being referred to as the new ruling Nizam of Hyderabad because of his unabashed Muslim appeasement.

KCR’s decisions—and shenanigans over vaastu—make him seem quixotic. The polymath of polarization polity that he is, fondly known as KCR, he had famously ordered an ethnic profiling in the state to understand the praja vaani like Nizam’s Durbar!

While the state grapples with its newly ascended statehood, its player is no novice at the game! After more than a decade at being a whining coalition partner, the materialization of Telangana seems to have emboldened further the separatist dream that is now being unleashed so unabashedly in KCR’s Telangana.

The stench of caste and subcaste equations is not new in Indian politics but if one has to understand the complexity of caste politics in the Telugu land, the brutality of the oppressive rule of the Nizam through his Reddy and Velama landlords cannot be ignored even in today’s context. KCR belongs to the Velama caste that was loyal to the Asif Jahi dynasty(Nizams) who were incidental in establishing the first Nizam’s rule(Bahamani Sultans). It was a quid pro quo arrangement between the Nizam and the Hindu landlords back then who in their greed for power and money had forfeited the cause of their weaker Hindu brethren. The princely state of Hyderabad was ruled by the oppressive Hindu landlords through the Nizam and a similar pattern is evident even today.

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A revolutionary CM that he is who has promised to build Hyderabad Islamic Cultural Convention Centre spread over 10 acres, has in the past remarked that Telangana was under the golden rule of the Nizam but now reduced to penury under the Indian rule! While his daughter thinks that Kashmir and Telangana are separate entities, as the new CM he expressed that the Nizam of Hyderabad who wanted to join Pakistan even after the partition, is a praiseworthy icon of development! The list of KCR’s eccentric and unabashed Muslim allegiance promulgating into Telangana would put Jinnah to shame but for the casual indifference or ignorance of the masses that are too steeped in the ascension of their respective caste leaders yet again.

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In the term of 6 years, he visited the secretariat very often. The administration works are done at the place, Pragati Bhavan, which is specially constructed for himself. He planned to demolish secretariat and build the modern new-age secretariat that to in a situation where the people are primarily affected by the corona, where the health care department doesn’t have proper medical care units.

The current secretariat consists of buildings which are modernized by using new technology and architecture before 4 years by using people funds. In his inheritance, he wants to build a secretariat as a historical icon which resembles his greatness as nizam’s. Accordingly, he demolished temples and mosques on the other side he didn’t even notice the crumbling and collapsing Osmania hospital. The corona affected patients were ordered to move to Gandhi hospital where there is no proper medical facility.

KCR does all the yajna and yagas only for his benefit and portrait it as he does it for the welfare of the people. When it comes to the ruling he joins with owaisi who is a religious communist, who exhibits anti-social elements and support. Moreover, the NRC bill passed by central government is opposed by the 8th nizam KCR.

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The nepotism in politics which is opposed by the BJP in this country and tried to eliminate these culture has been renewed by the KCR. For decades the corrupted Congress party encouraged nepotism in politics in various states it lost its standards in the same way it may happen to Telangana party, The Congress party resembles for corruption, nepotism, inheritance, partiality.

To gain authority they can go beyond any level. That is the reason why the even after declaring Telangana as a state people are against the Congress party. But after replacing congress party with TRS party what does KCR has done to the state?. The same legacy rule and corrupted politics has been raised by the KCR, the change which is expected by the people of Telangana is not seen his governance. #KhabarLive #hydnews


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