It seems India’s freedom is under threat again. We may have achieved independence from British rule, we may have our own democratically elected governments, but at this moment, do you think we are really free? Hasn’t the pandemic taken away our hard-earned freedom?

Our lives are disrupted. Many of us can’t get to work; schools are closed, thousands have lost their livelihood, so many people can’t avail of medical care because the hospitals are packed with COVID-19 patients. Many of our basic rights have been taken away due to the coronavirus!

So what can we do? We can fight back. Do you remember the immense sacrifices our ancestors made for our great nation? We, too, have to take up the fight to free our beloved India. But, this is a fight that needs all of us. Every single one of us has to join this freedom movement and fight arm-in-arm. Only then can we stop the pandemic from swallowing our country.

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We are in this together.

By now, we all know that some small precautions can go a long way to stop the spread of coronavirus. But the reason why the measures are not producing the desired result is that all of us are not following them.

Many people feel that they will not contract the virus because they are young and healthy. That is why they do not follow the COVID-19 protocols.

Moreover, many people don’t understand the true magnitude of the health crisis and the dangers involved. It won’t help if only a few people follow COVID-19 precautions. If others don’t, then the virus can’t be stopped. Maintaining social distance and wearing a mask for long is not easy. They are definitely disruptive. However, they do work when implemented widely and followed by everyone.

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Remember, no one is immune to coronavirus. It is risky not to follow precautionary measures because-

  • You could have a co-morbid condition that you don’t even know (comorbidities can make COVID-19 lethal).
  • You may have children and elderly people in your house who are more vulnerable to this virus than you.
  • You could be asymptomatic, and without identifying, you could pass on the virus to your family and friends.
  • You could infect anyone you come in contact with, who will infect others, and this is how COVID-19 will get out of control.

Like our freedom fighters, we all need to put the interest of the nation before us. The sacrifices all of us have to make are temporary and slightly inconvenient. But if all of us do it together, the positive effects will multiply and benefit the whole country, including our loved ones.

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What can we do to banish coronavirus? Let us all take a pledge to follow the COVID-19 protocol. We will-

  • Go out only when absolutely necessary.
  • Maintain 6 feet distance from others.
  • Wear masks whenever we step out from home.
  • Sanitize and wash our hands frequently.
  • Contact the doctor and self-isolate if we see signs of coronavirus in ourselves or loved ones.

Stand together with your family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers because our nation needs us to stand together and fight off this viral invasion. We secured our freedom once before. We can do it again. #KhabarLive #hydnews