There is a chariot waiting for a horse to move; and a horse awaiting a chariot to prove. Both have decided to join together. That’s a wise decision. But what happens when the horse is crippled and the chariot is weak?

This analogy has come to my mind when the official alliance between BJP and Janasena is being discussed.

The reason behind this discussion is the newly appointed President of BJP-AP Somu Veera Raju met Chiranjeevi at his residence today.

It is known that Chiranjeevi has already said earlier in an interview that he is no more interested in politics. But the new meeting today is raising many doubts.

Already Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, the younger brother of Chiranjeevi is openly supporting BJP with his tweets.

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Nagababu is also tweeting and talking about the topics that make RSS, VHP, and BJP groups happy. His Godse tweets went viral and mostly discussed in recent times.

It looks as if the entire Konidela family is now inclined towards BJP.

Sources say that Somu Veera Raju and Chiranjeevi have discussed on the political issues of AP.

The newly-elected BJP President of AP wouldn’t have made this meeting official without the consent of his High Command. So, it should be understood as official. I believe the BJP-Jana Sena alliance was proposed with a dream to jointly form the government in 2024.

Here one thing is clear. BJP attracting Jana Sena is only to desert Chandrababu Naidu and make him alone. He never won any election without the support of the other party. So, now the BJP’s strategy is to kick him out of the race.

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It goes without saying that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy never joins with anyone during elections and fights all alone.

So, the only option left for Jana Sena is to either fight alone or join BJP. BJP is anyway looking at having a foothold in AP. But neither BJP nor Janasena is confident of fighting alone.

So BJP might have felt that it has no other option left than to join with Janasena.
Here comes the analogy I mentioned at the beginning.

I feel Janasena is a crippled horse. Because, though Jana Sena is attributed to a strong Kapu vote bank, the party could win only one seat in the entire state and couldn’t pull even 7% of votes in the 2019 elections. The same was the case with Chiranjeevi’s PRP in 2009. Amidst very big hype the party could garner only 18 seats.

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I also feel BJP is a weak chariot. The party has quite a stronghold in Northern India but it could never pillage the might of regional parties in the South. Particularly, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the party could never make its presence in the electoral.

So, will the crippled horse and the weak chariot show betterment by the 2024 elections? Can they wage war against YS Jagan’s YSRCP? #KhabarLive #hydnews

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