Amaravati needed as a capital of Andhra Pradesh for that community. But they need Visakhapatnam for businesses and politics. Here is the first-hand information about the shift of capital.

Who is into the mining business in North Andhra? Who had earned thousands of crores money through mining business? Who was fined Rs.100 cr recently? Who is controlling crushers’ business? Who was into bricks business and earned huge money by looting the soil of this land?

Who is dominating the politics of Visakhapatnam for a long time? Who is getting fly over contracts in Visakhapatnam? Who is running hotel business in Vizag? Who are the top league real estate builders in Vizag?

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Who owns thousands of acres of land from Visakhapatnam to Araku, Srikakulam to Visakhapatnam? Who are into vegetable business in Vizianagaram district and earning huge profits? Who is controlling the seafood business in North Andhra? Who were controlling liquors indicates for decades together until recently?

If we keep on talking about it there are several things that are to be mentioned here.
A Newspaper owner, who is vehemently opposing Vizag as the capital has run a Bar and Restaurant in Vizag along with his friends. Isn’t it true? A key person in Vizag branch of a publishing house based in Vijayawada hasn’t overseen those affairs?

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By bringing up a small agency to Vizag, a Vijayawada businessman has made fortunes in the Telugu States. He has earned thousands of crores through hotels business and real estate. Could he deny that his first step was in Vizag? Not one or two but many people came to Vizag without a single penny and ran businesses, earned hundreds of crores.

There is nothing wrong with it. They worked hard. They used their intelligence and earned money. But the same people are not digesting the fact that Vizag is becoming a capital which has given them life.

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They sincerely wish that the capital should be placed in their native location. And they’re ready to kill Vizag for the sake of their wish.

Even animals show loyalty when we feed them. Then why these people who earned crores of money in Vizag are not showing their gratitude for Vizag?

But Jagan is showering so much love on Vizag even though they have defeated his mother. Despite many obstacles, he is trying to make Vizag as the capital. Isn’t it great? #KhabarLive #hydnews

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