There is a saying in Telugu and its casual translation goes like this “One can wake up a sleeping man but not a man who is pretending to be sleeping.” This is applicable to TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu.

There are two types of scenes visible in Andhra Pradesh after YS Jagan became the CM. One is the beautiful transformation of schools in villages, the establishment of Rythu Vikasa Kendras, extensive corona tests by the government. People in the villages are getting money through some welfare schemes. Villagers need not go to the towns for every small thing, Volunteer System is helping them in various things related to the government.

The second scene is different. Capital Amaravati is trifurcated. Liquor prices have been hiked. The government is selling unknown brands rather than top brands. The government is facing setbacks in the court regularly.

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There is another invisible scene. Many people are thinking that they are not getting lands because Chandrababu is stopping the process. He is stopping the decentralization of capital so that their regions are missing a capital. He is also stopping the high court from coming to their region.

Pro TDP media is focusing only on the second scene and they are batting for Amaravati real estate. They are not even considering the increasing disappointment among the people towards TDP. Their focus is only on capital, courts, and cases.

People want benefits in some way or the other for a better life. Jagan is exactly doing the same. He is improving their standard of life with all possible welfare schemes. So, they are happy with all the welfare schemes of Jagan. Pro TDP media is completely ignoring this fact.

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TDP is worried that if the leave Jagan till the next elections they will lose thousands of crores real estate investments, the party will be smashed, they will lose power. How can that community survive in such a situation? The central BJP is not favorable to them. So they are depending on the courts, cases.

Their plan is to send Jagan to jail by canceling the bail in some way or the other. If they keep Jagan away, they can target the party. That’s the plan.

People know what benefits they are receiving in the Jagan government. Moreover, they are not believing Chandrababu. Our voters are not much vocal. They silently express their opinions through votes.

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Chandrababu and co are using all the conspiracies to dethrone Jagan. For each and every small thing, they are approaching courts. Jagan has nothing to lose with such things but there is a danger of people losing confidence in the judiciary.

The majority of people have already lost their faith in the police irrespective of the ground reality. They are believing that the powerful guys will always escape. If TDP continues to use the judiciary, people will lose faith in the judiciary as well.

Other than tarnishing the glory of some constitutional systems, TDP is not going to gain anything politically. On a whole, TDP is playing a losing game. #KhabarLive #hydnews