ASKfm, a social network for anonymous questions and answers, celebrated its 10th birthday in June. The app and its users have both changed a lot over the years. The network introduced shoutouts that let you send questions to people in your area. The launch of an internal currency significantly increased the level of communication between users. In 2019 the app also launched a VIP program to reward its most active users.

“One year is just the beginning for the VIP program. It marked the start of a new era of development for ASKfm. Thanks to the new incentives for active users we managed to bring the users’ engagement and loyalty to a new level. Higher activity of the experienced users also helped us attract new ones and improve the platform’s image among young people. Because of the program, users started to communicate more actively, thus expanding their social circles much further than just friends and classmates. Our most active askers now chat with each other literally all day and night” – shared the VIP program director Maryna Skuratovska. 

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During this year VIP users got access to a few exclusive features such as secret answers and a personal progress bar that shows your weekly statistics in the app. The VIP program has already been joined by 147,5 thousand askers from more than 50 countries. A special motivation system in the app let the VIP askers earn over 378 million coins, while the algorithms that promoted VIP-profiles got the users 2.4 million followers and 890,5 million likes.

Besides, askers in Russia, Germany, and Italy got a chance to convert the coins they earned into real money. In the first year alone they managed to earn more than 4000 dollars by answering questions just like they did before.

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To commemorate its 10th birthday, the app launched a paid subscription for users who want to use the exclusive features, but aren’t ready to meet the conditions of the VIP program. The subscription package includes a VIP badge, bonus coins, secret answers feature, and a chance to use ASKfm without ads. The app’s team shared the results of the first month of the program: more than 75% of subscribed users have already renewed their monthly subscriptions.

ASKfm is the only global social network for anonymous questions and answers that connects more than 215 million people in over 150 countries.

The social network was created in 2010 for anonymous questions and answers from your friends, influencers, and celebrities. #innlive