The new generation most successful and talented writer, author and social media influencer Ishita Banik is one of the best-selling new Indian authors who started her journey with her debut novel ‘If We Last (After Crossing a Light-year)’. The author talks with #KhabarLive about her journey and shares her inspiring thoughts to become a successful writer.

The author, who left her higher studies to fulfil her dreams, turned her novel into a best seller reaching to the top ten of Amazon best-selling list. Within two years of launching her debut novel, she has already published two other novels, ‘Till We Last’ and ‘The City of Tunes’.

Books Released
1. If We Last – After Crossing a Light – Year (Fiction) View Store
2. Till We Last – Sailing Through Dark, Beyond the Light-years (Fiction) View Store
3. The City of Tunes (Fiction) View Store

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Ishita Banik writes in the romance and thriller genre while mixing her storyline with the philosophical facts about life. She believes that, in every fiction there is truth which connects the readers to the story. Her novels contain quotes on life, love, hope and healing. ‘The plot and characters of my novels often represent metaphors to give hope even at the darkest times,’ the author says.

Ishita Banik not only writes her novels but she loves to look after the entire process starting from cover designing to marketing. ‘I do stay in touch with my readers as they connect with me through mails or social media. Every time they read my stories and ask me more about it, it gives me immense happiness as that is the purpose of my writing!’

She shares. The woman author, who was all set to go ahead with her corporate job, changed her path to listen to her heart. ‘Since the time I left my M. tech to pursue my dreams, I knew where I needed to be. I knew that I needed to reach out to the readers as much as possible to make my story alive and since that time, I worked hard to get that place. Not only hard work, but consistency, that is the key!’ Ishita Banik shares as she talks about her journey from being a software engineer to an author.

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The best-selling author of romance thriller, first wrote a short poem when she was in first grade. ‘I can remember tearing up the wrapping paper to read it when I was little, I was always curious to read what’s written, be it in book or anywhere else!’ Ishita Banik recalls. She believes that to become a good writer one must be an avid reader. ‘There is no end of learning, especially reading. There are so many beautiful creations which must be read in a lifetime no matter whether you want to be a writer or not!’ she shares. Her novels are available worldwide in all formats.

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Apart from writing novels, Ishita Banik writes life quotes on hope, love, motivation, healing on her social media and blogs. Ishita Banik also writes about books writing and publishing on her blogs for the budding authors.

As the author shares, she wants to motivate others to follow their dreams. She believes in ‘what you seek is seeking you’, one of her favourite quotes by Rumi. #authors #Indianauthors #bestselling #bestseller #Indiannovels #romancethriller #romancenovels #topten #amazonindia #amazonkindle #bestsellernovel #KhabarLive #hydnews