Desi Foods With A Twist’ – now you may ask what exactly it means. Well they are a little mysterious. Unexpected things mostly give a lot of pleasure. So let’s deviate a little from the usual and present you with sumptuous dishes that have a touch of tradition yet are different.

Foods with a twist are intriguing. They add pizzazz as well as sophistication onto your table. But what could be the perfect food with a twist? Food that is pleasing in aesthetics, lovely to smell and great to taste. The textures and flavours should be well blended and there should not be anything bizarre in a bad way about it….

Traditionally speaking every dish is prepared in a certain manner and most people probably would like to have it that way. But then at times both the person who cooks and those that have to eat what is put before them would like to have something different – just to break the monotony. It is always exciting to give a new avatar to the traditional food, a twist to the classic. It not only adds an element of surprise, an element of interest but it also helps to increase the repertoire of recipes. They allow the cook to think out of the box.

One does need to have a certain amount of daring to make things which are a little different from the usual. This is mainly because you cannot really foresee the end result. But let your imagination run riot and you will be able to create something new that will be enjoyable too. What we really mean by foods with a twist is that all of them are dishes that we are familiar with but the way they are served and presented will be something different – something unexpected.

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Let us look at some examples though by no means are these the be all and end all of the creative mind.

Cooking is becoming a routine and mundane task? Family members are no longer amused by your culinary offerings? Well, stay tuned, innovation station is here to help.

Most of us would agree routine meals are boring without the element of variation or change. Change is constant. Everything must change with time. Even people’s taste and preferences change over a period of time. So should the recipes and their presentations. That brings us to the core philosophy that should aptly govern change and food innovation. An effective and productive philosophy of innovation is like a good chicken-vegetable soup; it needs to have the right mix and balance of all the ingredients, otherwise it’s completely disastrous, unbalanced and downright mushy. So prevent the mundane, mushy goof ups and step onto our refreshingly different innovation station.

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Innovation station concept came in to being to satisfy the taste buds with something new and different that adds value to the epicurean journey.This segment has been dedicated to upgrade, improve and come up with newer cooking solutions and recipes. The idea of innovative recipes is fun and simple and anyone can do it. All it needs is some effort, imagination and little food know-how.

For example- Green Glory recipe we prepared, all it took, is a little imagination.Traditional Diwali Sweet-Gujiya was the start point and end result was a savoury delight. All we did is change the stuffing from sweet to savoury. There is a lot that can be done with this idea. Think of other sweet or savoury stuffing that you like and put it in the belly of Gujiya. Try to put in a hint of innovative spin with different seasoning or flavourings like Oriental flavours, Middle Eastern spices and see what happens!

Next, we created a truly tasteful dessert bomb called the Choco Bomb. Here regular traditional Mithai got the Western twist of ingredient. Stuffing of khoya and pistachios, almonds, green cardamom powder and chocolate was stuffed into the bread slice, which was deep fried in ghee and dripped in sugar syrup. The delicious dish was served on a bed of custard. A drizzle of pomegranate syrup added in the final tasteful touch.

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Refreshingly new and tempting recipes, aren’t they? These recipes can be the start point to explore the idea of innovation. The advent of technological and internet has made recipe exploration and exploitation an easy venture. Change the game a bit and see what happens. You can find many such clever ideas in our innovation section. Add in a little drama by giving the dish a unique name. But keep in mind the relevance element i.e. name should be self-indicative of the dish’s essence. Plating and presentation of the dish matters a lot, use the given food photographs as a guideline till you are confident and can come up with your own distinctive style. It is upto you to decide which one fits you the best.

To summarize: The recipe of innovation for making innovative recipe contains knowledge of how any ingredient behaves individually and in a recipe; common sense and confidence. Add a dash of artistic presentation and you are M F Husain of your kitchen! Happy initiation to innovative cooking! #KhabarLive #hydnews