The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in massive job cuts across sectors. An estimated 6.6 million white collar professionals have been badly hit, losing their jobs during the period, suggests latest CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) data.

As the coronavirus-induced economic crisis continues, many have seen pay cuts or job losses. If you are on the lookout for a job during these challenging times, here are some tips to help you in the job search.

Enhance ‘virtual interview’ skills
With no signs of coronavirus subsiding anytime soon, virtual interviews, meetings have become the order of the day. Remote interviewing is likely to become a new normal going forward as people are still hesitant to meet in person inside offices.

You must know the technology being used and should become adept at using it. Struggling with technology just before or during your interview will only make you appear shabby and ill-prepared. Find out which apps are commonly used, if they have been upgraded recently and how you can present your best self on them. Regular practice, recording your own videos, and watching self-help tutorials may prove helpful if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

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Use your social media handles wisely
This is the right time to revisit your personal social handles, your own personal brand, and think of ways to showcase yourself in the best manner possible. Make sure you join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and post updates, creating or rebuilding your brand.

The resume makeover
Now is the right time to fine-tune your resume as it could create the first impression. Make sure you are highlighting your strengths and optimising for search algorithms.

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While the fundamentals of a good resume haven’t changed, some meaningful innovation can help. You can add links to your work, multimedia elements and recommendations. It’s also critical to clearly indicate what value you could bring to the organisation in question.

Look out for ideal keywords suitable for your job description and include them in your resume for better results.

Upskilling yourself will help you improve your chances of getting hired in a new role as it makes you even more employable. If you think you have been lacking some skills then filling that gap at this point in time will help you move forward in your career. It is a great idea to proactively participate in upskilling yourself.

Reading business books, listening to podcasts, attending virtual events, conferences and webinars, and enrolling in relevant online courses will help.

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Work on your soft skills
Now is the best time to hone your soft skills in order to ready yourself for the future . This will help you get an edge over other candidates and keep you ahead in the job search.

Grow your network
Rather than simply reaching out to only those you know on LinkedIn, start researching the companies you are interested in and are hiring.

Also, look for professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn as both the platforms are equally useful and offer a wide range of options for every profession. Check companies out and do not shy away from sending a message on the difficulties their company has been facing and how you could add value. There are many hidden job markets across levels looking for potential recruits. #KhabarLive #hydnews


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