One of the recent technology trends making waves on the globe right now is the significant use of solar energy systems to generate clean, non-polluting electricity and to also curb other issues that directly affect the environment. Due to different global warming concerns that are depleting the Earth’s resources, innovators have found a way to harness the sun’s energy towards creating sustainable solutions that they hope would eventually replace conventional sources of energy.

Solar is driven by rapid expansion particularly in developing countries as it is gradually gaining stance as the most desirable option for securing power. Clean energy investments in some of these countries rose 36% to $131bn with nations like Brazil, South Africa and India showing impressive leads regarding the use of solar energy plants.

More news is rapidly gaining ground around solar energy. Recently, the United State’s energy department announced an additional $10 million to be use for National solar training programs. World Bank also provided a mega $750 million for rooftop solar PV in India. With a focus on private companies, Soltec, a leading supplier and installer of single-axis solar tracker equipment recognized the importance of solar towards birthing a new alternative to power and a recent development of a utility solar tracker innovated to meet extreme climate conditions.

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The numbers have also been convincing as renewables recorded about 9.1% of the world’s electricity in 2014, nearly a percentage increase from the previous year. These numbers got investors wanting more than just lurking around, which has been evident in energy investments showing a 17% increase in 2014, compared to 2013.

How does this affect human beings and the environment at large?

Well, solar energy innovations have several impacts in our world today. Most importantly are their effects on our daily lives and on the environment.

Maximizing Solar Energy in our Daily Lives

One of the most remarkable reports about solar energy solution is that it caters to basically all the energy needs in a home. From lighting to heating, this can be utilized by first identifying energy sources and installing the right equipment with solar energy resolutions. The use of equipment made with such solutions, help reduce a good percentage of your energy bill through solar panel installation projects on places like rooftops.

According to facts in a US independent report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory “2008 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings”, installing a metal roofing system ensures that homeowners save an average of 25% of their energy bill. Based on a strapping system of 4 inches between the plywood and the metal on top, homeowners can save up to 40% in home cooling costs in the summer, and 10-15% in home heating costs.

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Even more interesting is the fact that some metal roofs can contain about 30-60% of recycled metal content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives, without suffering material degradation. This ensures that most times, metal roofs will save the landfill space and help protect the environment in the process. By using such solar energy related installations, home and office owners can be sure of maximize its benefits while saving costs.

Despite specific solar related equipment, one of the solar power systems can be installed in an entire home or office to cater for all energy needs.


Environmental Benefits

Research has shown some of the deadly results of global warming emissions from sources such as human activities and electrical production, which steadily drive up the planet’s temperature. The rise of this blistering temperature creates significant and harmful impacts on the environment, health, and climate. With a focus on coal mining and natural gas drilling, they can pollute sources of drinking water contrary to fossil fuels.

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However, in contrast to the above collisions, renewable energy sources are safer because they produce little to no global warming emissions. This means a reduction of air and water pollution and abundant renewable energy source directly from the sun. Therefore, increasing the supply of renewable energy will reduce global warming emissions to a significant level.

In addition, due to the health hazards (breathing problems, heart attacks, cancer, etc) linked with air and water pollution, generating electricity from renewable energy will offer significant health benefits. The use of wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems positively impact electricity and water resources which affect daily human lives.

Solar is rapidly becoming one of the desirable options for power across the globe, specifically in developing countries. With proper research and investments, renewable energy is on the verge to becoming a staple source of energy while reducing costs, as consumers continue to recognize the need for clean, renewable energy.