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Kutty movie had launched on 14 January 2010. This film comes in the list of blockbuster movies of that time. The movie director was Mithran Jawahar. while Devi Sri Prasad has directed all the songs of this movie. Now, talking about the cast, the main character of this movie is Kutty. Now, let’s get to the casting of Kutty movie. Dhanush was the lead male actor of the movie and he has performed the role of Kutty. On the other hand, the lead female actress was Shriya Saran who has played the role of Geeta. Some other supporting actors and actress includes Sameer Dattani (Arjun), Meghna Naidu, Neelima Rani (shruthi), Radha Ravi (devanagyam), Vincent Asokan (Muthu), Aarthi, Srinath, Mayilsamy (Paramasivam) and Rajyalakshmi.

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The IMDB rating of this movie was 5.0/10. But Times of India rated 4.2/5 and almost 77% of Google users have liked this movie.

Kutty movie has released in 2 different languages which includes Tamil (original) as well as Hindi (dubbed).

About Kutty movie:

The main story of the movie is that there was a young wise guy whose name was Kutty (Dhanush) and the guy falls in love with a girl named Geeta (Shriya Saran). The guy wants to express his feelings for Geeta, and one day he decided to express all the feelings he had and he did express it but Geeta did not accept his proposal because she was already in love with Arjun (Sameer Dattani). Despite the fact that Geeta was in love with Arjun, the character Kutty continues to love Geeta. The plot of the movie had attracted the viewers because somehow they were able to relate the movie with there own life. If you are a college guy or in your early 30’s then you must watch this movie.ALSO READ:  Jaggesh’s 56th Birthday: All You Need To Know About The ‘Navarasa Nayaka’

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