Hyderabad’s fastest growing Prathima hospitals performed a rare and complicated surgery to a kid for free of cost under humanitarian grounds. This is a step ahead towards providing quality and professional Medicare to poor and needy. This hospital set an example in India.

As we goes into the medical surgery case details, Master Tejanshu, a two and half-year-old child, son of Lakshman and Rajitha resident of Jannaram Mandal, Cherlapalli born with a rare disease called ‘Congenital Biliary Atresia’. In this disorder liver ducts will not develop, which leads to jaundice and liver failure.

This is a genetic disorder and usually occurs 1 out of 10,000 patients. The tiny tot parents approached leading hospitals at the age of 4 months, Doctor’s did a procedure called ‘Kasai’, but afterone month of procedure again child developed jaundice and was becoming sick with fever, blood vomitings.

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Parents have approached many hospitals including private and governmental and charitable too, one of the private hospitals suggested liver transplantation surgery as a life saving measure for this child and costing for the procedure will be very high, since the parents are very poor and father working as a daily labour in gulf country, as they have approached several news and media houses and social media platforms for crowd funding but couldn’t able to raise sufficient funds.

Later they approached Prathima Hospitals and explained their child health problem and seek for help.Prathima group of Hospitals magnanimously came forward to support this child. They provided world class facilities for free of cost with service and voluntary doctors support.

On the 6th of September a team of 20 Doctor’s lead by Dr. Madhusudan, Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist and Liver transplant surgeon and Dr. B. Ramesh Kumar, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Prathima Hospital at Kachiguda in Hyderabad successfully performed the live donor liver transplantation surgery. A portion of the liver was taken from the child’s father, transplanted to the child and procedure went on for 18 long hours.

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Doing a liver transplant in children is very difficult which needs high skills and expertise because the children’s blood vessels are very tiny and usually they get easy blockage and that leads to liver failure or surgery failure. In this case, because of previous Kasai operation, surgery was exceedingly difficult due to the dense intestinal adhesions.

The most important thing is need to perform surgery with minimal blood loss in children, so we did meticulously under a magnifying loop and we did it successfully said Dr. Madhusudan. This surgery without any professional charges and got immense satisfactionin helping this poor child. We got million-dollar happiness after seeing smile on baby’s face.

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‘We will be always ready to help poor and needy children in future too’, said Dr. Madhusudhan.Master “Tejansh” was monitored by a paediatric intensivist for more than 15 days. Childbecame quite active and normal in 15 days of time. He needs regular follow-ups and immuno suppression drugs and planned for discharge today, Dr. Madhusudhan further added.

“We Prathima Hospitals would always be in forefront to provide quality care at an affordable price without compromising in any kind of service aspects and geared to perform both adult and oaediatric liver transplantations with best quality, infrastructures at an affordable cost”, said Dr. Prateek, Director Prathima Hospitals. #KhabarLive #hydnews