SII issued a formal statement saying, “We are reviewing the situation and stopping the trials in India until astrazeneca resumes trials again.”

The Serum Institute of India (SII) has halted its trial on the Corona vaccine (COVID-19 vaccine). SII issued a formal statement on Thursday, saying, ‘We are reviewing the situation and we are stopping the trials happening in India till AstraZeneca starts the trial again. We are following the instructions of the Drug Controller General of India and will not comment further on the trial. You can talk to the Drug Controller General of India for further updates. On Wednesday, the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) issued a ‘show cause notice’ to the Serum Institute of India and asked why not suspend your trial?

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What more?

Earlier, the Serum Institute of India, i.e. SII, said on Wednesday that there is no problem in the testing of the vaccine (Covid-19 vaccine) being developed to protect against AstraZeneca’s COVID-19. The serum institute’s statement came yesterday at a time when AstraZeneca has stopped its testing. they took the step of halting the trial after one of the vaccine-makers fell ill during a trial in Britain. The company said in a statement on Wednesday, “As far as ongoing testing in India is concerned, it is going on and no problem has been revealed in it.” The Serum Institute has a manufacturing partnership with AstraZeneca to produce one billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine is being developed by Oxford University.

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The Indian company is conducting clinical trials of a possible vaccine for AstraZeneca in India. The Drug Controller of India had last month allowed the Pune-based company to test the vaccine in India in Phase II and Phase III.The Serum Institute has said that after a person has an unknown disease, the company has postponed further testing in view of the standard review of his drug test. This will give the researchers the opportunity to check the safety data of the drug while maintaining the veracity of the test. #innlive

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