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A new film by Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar is going to be released soon. The name is Khaali Peeli. The film will be released on 2 October on two digital platforms ZEE 5 and Zee Plex.

Tuhis is the first film to be released from the Pay Per View method. Meaning, every time you watch the film, you will have to pay. In the same way, as many times as you want to watch a movie in a cinema hall, one has to buy tickets.

What is the working method of current OTT platforms?

Different OTT platforms uses different method. For example, to watch any video of Amazon Prime and Netflix, the user must have a subscription. On the other hand, users can watch some videos even without a subscription in Hotstar. Apart from this, Hotstar has two types of plans. Premium and VIP. The VIP plan is cheaper, but the content is quite limited. At the same time, all the premium international content is available in the premium subscription. Let’s understand this with an example: Everyone was able to watch ‘Dil Bechara’ on Hotstar, for free. But to see ‘Road 2’ it was necessary to have at least VIP plan. At the same time, it is necessary to have a premium plan to watch most of Disney’s movies.

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As Khaali Peeli is going to be released on Zee5 so, let’s understand the working method of Zee5

The working method of zee5

Like Hotstar, some videos can be watched for free without subscription. After this comes club membership. In this, new episodes of Zee’s entertainment channels shows can be seen before TV. Finally comes the premium plan. In which the exclusive content of Zee 5 can be seen.

So do you have to pay for both subscription and ticket?

It has not been clarified by the makers yet. Members who have a premium plan may have to pay less for the ticket. Or even they should not get any relaxation in this.

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Is there any other system like this right now?

Not a pay per view system, but YouTube lets you rent movies. Premium movies can be taken on rent for 48 hours there. How many times you watch the film in these 48 hours is your choice. The YouTube account on which the film is rented can be viewed on the same account. Most of the films are available at a rental of 100-120 rupees. Along with this, YouTube also offers the option of buying a movie. Once you buy a film, you can watch it anytime, and unlimited number of times.

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Pricing for pay per view movies

Zee Studio CEO Shariq Patel told that the way people watch new movies at the Tata Sky Showcase for 99 rupees, it will also be here. The price has not been decided yet.

Shariq said that we will have to spend on the OTT platform for the average money for the film and food expenses in multiplexes. For example, suppose you go to watch a movie and the cost of a ticket is 150 rupees. Then you spend approximately 1000 rupees for food over there. By adding these amounts, the average money will come out of your pocket. #24x7newsalert

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