Kangana Ranaut is going to Mumbai on 9 September. Kangana announced her move to Mumbai after confronting leaders like Sanjay Raut and Anil Deshmukh, of Maharashtra on Twitter. Now for her visit to Mumbai, the Union Home Ministry has decided to give her the security of Y category. Kangana herself has shared this information on social media.

Recently, Kangana tweeted that she does not trust the Maharashtra Police. She also said that she wants that when she goes to Mumbai, her security should be given to Haryana Police or any central agency instead of Mumbai Police. After this tweet, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut had asked Kangana not to come to Mumbai, after which Kangana compared Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. After this, Maharashtra cabinet minister Anil Deshmukh had said that Kangana does not have the right to live in Mumbai. On this, Kangana compared the Maharashtra government to the Taliban.

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With this news, let’s see which categories of protection are given in India

There are many VIPs (Very important person) in the country. These include politicians, businessmen, sports stars and film celebs. Now, after sensing the level of danger, security of different levels is given. We have security at X, Y, Z, Z + levels. SPG, NSG and CRPF personnel are deployed in the security of these categories who get security.

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How much protection in each category?

  • X: This is the security of the fourth level. In which 2 police personal are provided. And there are no commandos in this category.
  • Y: This is the security of the third level. There are 11 police personalities in security along with 1 to 2 commandos. And two personal security officers also provided.
  • Z: This is the security of the second level. The security team is consist of 22 soldiers, 4 to 5 NSG commandos and Delhi Police or ITBP or CRPF personnel. An escort car is also provided.
  • Z+: The strongest security ring is available in this category. In this category, at least 55 soldiers are deployed along with more than 10 NSG commandos.
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Who decides what protection to give?

The committee decides the VIP level. Which includes Intelligence Bureau officials and Home Secretary and Home Minister. In this case, the recommendation of the state government can also be useful. The President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court, and High Court Judges, States Governors, and Cabinet Ministers automatically come under the coverage of this security. While the committee decides the security on the remaining VIPs. #24x7newsalert