Indian Institute of Technology i.e. IIT-Delhi posted an ad on 26 August. The job position was that of the dog handler. Qualification- 21 to 35 years. Even then the matter was fine. But pay attention to salary and important studies.

Salary – Up to 45 thousand rupees. Essential studies – BA / BSc / BCom / BTech or equivalent degree.

Just after reading this, social media was on fire. BTech degree for Dog Handler jobs? And 45 thousand rupees salary? this salary is approximately double than the salary of the worker who does the same job in police department. All the users trolled it, a lot of people also got angry that what is this parameter.

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Finally, on 6 September, IIT-Delhi had to clarify. Writing a letter

On 26 August, an advertisement was posted for Dog Handler’s post. IIT Delhi wants to clarify that the minimum qualification that was written with this job, it was wrongly written here by copying from any other job advertisement. Actually, for this job, one should study B.Sc of Veterinary Science. At the moment the institute has stopped this recruitment process and this process will be completed soon after rectifying the mistake. ”

Also, the IIT clarified that this job is not only related to handling one dog, but is also related to vaccination, care, etc. of street dogs walking on campus. #24x7newsalert