USB type c

Think, you are working on a laptop. The phone is charging nearby. Then as soon as the phone was charged, you put the same cable in the laptop. The laptop was also charged. Now remove the end of your cable from the charger and put it in the phone. Now laptops and phones are connected. But how? With the help of USB Type-C cable, port and connector. Cable means wire. Port means the hole of the phone or laptop in which the cable is placed. And the connector is the thing that connects the cable and the port.

History of USB

“Is there a thin pin charger?” This is the question which was weakened in a time. That round was of Nokia. At that time, different types of chargers used to come with different types of pins. There was no port in the charger. There was just one wire connected to the other side of the connector.

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Nokia thin pin charger

Then came the era of smartphones. USB or Universal Serial Bus port replaced them. The charger featured a wide USB-A port on one side and a small USB port on the phone, which was called the Mini USB port. And connecting these two was a USB cable.

USB type A/mini usb connector

What is USB type A

Before talking about the Type-C port, let us discuss a little on the Type-A port. This is the same slot in a computer or laptop, in which you usually install a pen drive. This has been going on since the time when the smartphone was not even in India. Today, you plug in a USB-A port with a mouse or keyboard, but earlier there used to be a different type of connector and port for everything.

There was a PS2 port for installing mouse and keyboard and 56 types of ports for installing game controllers. But gradually, USB-A replaced them all. Then when the number of the smartphone came, the USB-A port was used on one side of the charging cable, on the other side, the connector of the phone replaced it.

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But as technology progressed, the phone’s port changed. Micro USB connector replaced with Mini USB. Now the game has stopped coming on Type-C.

What is USB type C? and why?

Today, USB Type-C port is available on almost every phone. Along with this, this port is also coming indiscriminately in laptops and tablets. But what is the game of different ports of USB? And why is everyone so attached to USB Type-C? Don’t worry, in this article we are going to cover it

USB type C

Like the rest of USB, Type-C cables also act as a connector. Connect the phone to the charger or the phone to a laptop or computer. Both power and data are transferred. On the one side, as mentioned earlier, there is a USB-A connector, which is installed on large devices such as TVs, chargers, laptops, etc. and on the other side there is a USB-C port, which is used in a smartphone or tablet.

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However, now such cables are also available, which have Type-C connector on both side. Their use is still quite low, but in future, the use of the USB-A cable will probably disappear. Because if all the devices have the same port, then all the work will be done with the same cable. Also, companies making laptops or tablets will not have to make different types of ports.

Now the question is, if the USB-A has disappeared from the computer, then where will you put the pen drive in? Hey, pen drives are also coming with Type-C connector. Everything is being Type-C only.

USB type C pendrive