Sero survey is going on everywhere at the time of Corona. A special thing has been revealed in this sero survey. The thing is that antibodies have not been found in many people recovered from corona.

The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) collected data from 208 people in the month of July. These people had previously been COVID positive, then cured. Out of these, no antibodies were found in 97 people. what does this mean? Experts believe that the immunity from corona was present in the body for a short time. This immunity probably disappeared from the body after a few days.

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The NCDC, which comes under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has also said that the immunity among people living in Delhi is probably for a short time. This is because here people from Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon keep coming.

What is the point of not getting antibodies in people

Whenever a virus or bacteria comes into the body and an infection starts, then the body’s immunity works to eliminate that infection. For that, the body sends its soldiers to kill that virus or bacteria. These soldiers are called antibodies.

It has been generally seen that the infection ends, but these soldiers remain strong. So that later the same virus or bacteria enter the body, then they can be eradicated.

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Why there absence of antibodies? One reason is given by the NCDC itself that it is possible that the life of immunity made against Covid is small. And the second reason is that the amount of corona virus in the body, called viral load, is reduced. In such a situation, less antibodies will be produced in the body and will soon disappear from the body.

can re-infection take place?

In Hong Kong and America, the infection has been seen again in some people who have been cured with COVID. But it is not clear yet whether they had antibodies or not. But experts believe that due to the presence of antibodies, the first line of defense is present in the body, but if there is an absence of antibodies then there is more risk of re-infection

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So what to do?

Nothing will happen with panic. In this case, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Use caution. If there is a difficulty, do the test, and proceed towards treatment as soon as possible. #24x7newsalert