Have you ever thought How To Edit Instagram Videos? Videos have become the fresh face of Instagram. For any brand that desires publicity. The quickest way to expand the viewer’s list is by publishing videos in the form of stories. And sometimes reels, or permanent video posts on Instagram.

These videos are engaging, catchy, and interesting for the target audience. A promo video maker software creates such stunning videos at the convenience of a few clicks in some minutes.

When compared to the sponsored Instagram images, the sponsored videos get three times more comments as per a recent study. This means that your chances of improving your visibility. And engagement depends on the quality of video uploaded on your Instagram account.

Thus, it becomes imperative to focus on the aesthetics of your brand and incorporate it into your videos. To understand the process better, keep reading this article.

Brand Aesthetics

Generally, the aesthetics of your brand is the collective total of smaller elements like customer engagement. And marketing techniques, the attitude of your team, and the overall appearance of your pages on social media.

When a prospective customer visits your website or your Instagram page, the vibes they carry back with them is the projection of your brand aesthetics. Confident, bold, outrageous, cute, girly, sophisticated, and outgoing are some typical vibes that users feel after visiting some Instagram pages.

Your brand aesthetics must be in line with the vibes of your products and services. For instance, if you sell sports shoes, your brand aesthetics of the Instagram page must exude confidence and boldness to attract the right audience.

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What Are Instagram Videos?

How To Edit Instagram Videos

Currently, Instagram only can upload two types of content – Image and video. Any files you upload on Instagram (except images) are videos. These include a wide range of categories like Instagram Stories, Reels, Boomerangs, Video posts, and IGTV (Instagram TV).

There is absolutely no restraint on the length and type of video content that you wish to upload on Instagram.

If you want to capture the attention of your target audience for a short while. Choose the Boomerang or Instagram Story option that can help you in uploading quick and instant videos of length less than 30 seconds.

Top Instagram influencers are using different filters on their brand page’s videos to create a unique position of their content on the internet.

Video Vs Photo Editing

Did you know the shortest of the videos (even the ones that are 10 seconds long) can be edited? The capacity to edit Instagram videos is not restricted to its length. You can create stunning visual effects on the videos for uploading them on Instagram Stories as a short Boomerang or Time Lapse videos.

The technique of video editing differs significantly from the concept of image editing. For many years, the accessibility of image editing software has been increasingly high, even for mobile phones. You had the control to edit your images on the go. On the contrary, the video editing types of software were only restricted to PCs or laptops.

With the advancement of technology, you have the control to edit your videos in a quality that is as good as a professionally edited video right at the convenience of your mobile phone.

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Instagram Video Editing On Different Devices.

Check out the latest types of software that give you the convenience and freedom for creating the right Instagram video that matches your Brand Aesthetics. They are categorised based on the devices you can use them from.

  • Tablets or Phones: Listed below is the best video editor for Instagram that can edit videos from iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and similar types of devices. You can either use them as applications installed on your device or online applications available on the web.
    • VSCO.
    • InShot.
    • Adobe Premiere Rush.
    • WeVideo.
    • StoriesStudio.
  • Laptops or PCs: For an improved appearance of the videos, you must get the best video editing software that comes with the capacity to create premium and advanced modifications to your captured videos. Here is the list of different software available for laptops or PCs.
    • VSDC.
    • Blender.
    • Lightworks.
    • Machete Video Editor Lite.
    • Shotcut.
    • HitFilm.
    • FlexClip

What Is A Video Cover On Instagram?

Video Covers are the most vital part of your Instagram video. Most of the users browsing the internet do not have functional internet connectivity. Thus, they only view the first image (cover of your video) until the video loads.

Even the users that have good connectivity first see the cover picture of the video before the video starts playing. This only happens when your video is posted on your account (unlike Instagram Stories).

Note: If you don’t save an image as your Instagram video cover, the platform automatically selects the first frame of the video as the default cover.

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How To Edit An Instagram Video Cover?

The Instagram Video Cover must carry the right aesthetics of your brand. You can also use the video editing applications listed in the section above to get the right vibe of your brand by choosing from a range of pre-designed and custom filters.

If you choose to manually create a filter for your brand, start by adjective the ambiance, brightness, contrast, and tint levels of your video. You can add or subtract your brand logo at the corner of the video file. By playing with the choices on the software, you can create the right filter that matches the vibes and colours of your brand. This effortlessly creates a well put-together look for your company’s Instagram page.


The type of video editor that you choose for editing your Instagram videos plays a vital role in the making or breaking of your brand image. You must thoroughly try to experiment with the elements offered in different software to find the best one that works for you.

The overall look and sound of your video determine its quality. If the quality of your video is better than the average videos on the platform, you will gain many followers on your Instagram page. This will significantly improve your publicity on social media apps. And we hope you learnt, How To Edit Instagram Videos

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