Covid-19 survivors are coming back to hospitals with complaints of breathlessness, joint pain, body ache, fatigue, heart, kidney and other complications. There have also been cases of sudden death due to acute cardiac arrest.
At least 50 per cent of the survivors have returned to hospitals with complaints and they require effective management for which post-Covid recovery clinics have been started by the Apollo Hospitals Group.
These clinics will be functional at Apollo Hospitals at Jubilee Hills, Hyderguda, Secunderabad and DRDO.
Dr Ravindra Babu deputy medical superintendent at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, said, “We are seeing recovered patients succumbing to sudden deaths due to blood clotting. Despite giving them blood thinners and other medications these incidents are noted. With a special focus on these cases the recovery clinics have been started.”
The focus will be to monitor the patients regularly, provide timely medical attention and ensure proper follow-up, keeping their post-Covid status in mind. These are expected to help patients who can access these centres easily and avail of the treatment.
Dr Suneetha Narreddy, consultant, infectious diseases, Apollo Hospitals, said Covid-19 was presenting serious problems in  patients. “Loss of smell is caused due to a problem in the brain, the heart muscles get weak and diabetes is uncontrollable post-Covid as it affects the pancreas. Recovery clinics will assess these problems and accordingly treat these patients,” Dr Nareddy said.
With the rains and flooding, there are fears of co-infections like dengue and malaria spreading among Covid-19 patients. That means people must not let their guard down and continue following the protocols strictly. #KhabarLive #hydnews
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