Schooling is the first step to a flourishing life. A good school provides a nurturing environment where pupils not only learn their basic skills, gain knowledge and information from their mentors but also develop interests in their chosen field. But while educating the minds of young learners one must never forget to educate their hearts as well.

TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL lays a lot of importance on this particular point. It is one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. Founded in 2014 this educational institution encourages students to be knowledgable, trustworthy, honest and confident. This academy teaches its children to be tolerant and respectful towards others. Proper education, modern technology, dedicated mentors and an age-based campus are the main features of this school.

TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL one of the topmost school in Hyderabad sincerely takes great care of its students, influences young minds and prepares them for their future. The well-qualified teachers take the burden of planting the importance of dignity, a sense of oneness and integrity in every young learner. The principal objective of this school is to produce global citizens with high moral values. To fulfil its goal the school emphasises on the three Cs which are trustworthy Character, self Confidence and Communication with precision. 

The magnificent campus and the intelligently architecture school buildings are designed keeping in mind the convenience of the children belonging to different ages. This prestigious educational institution has bagged many awards year after year in the best CBSE campus category. Definitely, this school is one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad. This school is unique in providing library facilities inside each and every classroom.

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Therefore, students have access to various study materials like books, dictionaries etc. whenever they want. In addition to the in-class libraries, a huge central library boasting of a mammoth collection of books, newspapers, atlases, magazines, dictionaries, educational DVDs, encyclopedias and other reference materials help the students acquire knowledge through various sources. Well equipped, modern and safe school laboratories supervised by expert instructors make sure that each learner cooperates and contributes to the practical lab-based learning.

This school promotes its motto of giving rise to a global citizen using fun and interactive schooling methods. The sporting facilities include a big swimming pool, amenities for numerous indoor and outdoor games with proficient trainers capable of identifying the hidden gift in children and foster them. Approximately ninety minutes of sporting activities are compulsory for all students. Weekly hours are set for several club activities. In this school children enjoy freshly cooked, nutritious, hygienic and delicious meals. For secured transport of the students, the school offers the service of AC buses furnished with latest technology and GPS based tools. Visit for more information regarding this school.

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This well-known organisation which is certainly one of the finest CBSE schools in Hyderabad makes good attempts to understand the student’s passion and potential. TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL influences guardians to notice their wards interest and support them. Overall this school provides a fabulous experience where education becomes worthwhile. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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