Fashion is the economy’s glitterati act and its designers are the odds defying trapeze artists of the industry. Even the top fashion designers, whether they’re focused on haute couture or ready-to-wear, know very well on how to anticipate trends, assume great risk and break convention according to the city they are based at.

And, remaining at the top in the fashion industry has always been a daunting challenge but for a celebrity fashion designer who laid her foundation of fashion culture in Hyderabad sleeting from the city of ornate Kanaka Durga Temple that is Vijaywada and partially growing up in the United States Deepthe Laxmi Pothineni made achievements as the most influential designers in the city and that’s all the way so impressive. She speaks to #KhabarLive about how the city helped her grow as one of the leading fashion designers, association with Hyderabad and more

From collaborating with A-listers like Raashi Khanna, Vidya Balan, Samantha Akkineni, Niharika Konidela, among many others, Deepthe is making a gigantic mark for herself in the city with her intricate designs. With an established roots of her business in this city while still leaving her mark elsewhere, she has been flipping on success and how.

Hyderabad offered quite a lot of benefits for her to sustain her fashion trade here with a thriving customer base and workforce loaded with competing businesses and loyal clients. It’s a big pond with even bigger fish inside of it and her brand stands out from the crowd here in Hyderabad!

The urban area to be sure is turning out as a great help in her business and the other aspect of her migration to this city being her wedding, it signified the start of a life together as a married couple in a completely different conurbation, she was hopeful of leading a happy and a peaceful life with her new spouse.

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Speaking about her association with Hyderabad, Deepthe says, “For any girl, her life completely changes post wedding. It was the same for me as well. My living took a complete 360 degree turn and that is surely for good! Soon after we moved to Hyderabad, I had many apprehensions, but all I knew was that the love of my life and my new family resided here.

A new address asks for a lot of changes but growing up we are always taught that change is the only constant. Another thing I have understood about myself is that I can multi-task. I pursued my career in fashion, while maintaining an enormous balance between my personal and professional life.

Hyderabad has been special to me for more than one reason! It gave me a comfortable environment to live where I can have the benefit of spending a beautiful time with my new family. I am blessed with three attractive children one of which was born in the United States and then God blessed me with twin daughters in Hyderabad. How can I not love a city which gave me my two chords of the same instrument, it fills me with a feeling of a triumph. Now, I am definitely looking forward to experience the best days of my life in this amazing city.”

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Deepthe finds Hyderabad as one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities she has ever come across, which is modern, yet signifies the rich history of Nawabs. She says, “I always dreamt of being a part of such a place and Hyderabad has so many open spaces, people having all the time for each other to meet-up and have a conversation over tea. In just a few years, I have created so many fond memories that belong to every nook and corner of Hyderabad. I feel Hyderabad is no less than Paris! Despite having a dense population, I never got to familiarise with any kind of prejudices.”

Deepthe’s nativity goes back to a little metropolis named Machilipatnam near Vijayawada. She later moved to Ooty for further studies followed by Bengaluru, New York and currently, Hyderabad. “My overall understanding of numerous cities made me adapt to Hyderabad well enough. I could see different cultures; customs and traditions come together and build a strong community.

It’s a bustling multicultural society and ever since its inception by the Qutub Shahi dynasty there is a large influence of its vast royal past that shines even today in the culture of Hyderabad! Charminar stands as a testament to the city’s glorious history. These traits make it stand out amongst others,” she asserts.

Expressing her love for Hyderabadi biryani and its pearls, the fashion designer shares, “Say the word biryani loudly enough anywhere in Hyderabad and it’s likely to elicit one of two responses: either ears all around you will pick up and mouths will collectively water or a heated debate will break out over which restaurant serves the best.

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As we all know about this world-famous dish it is something that one cannot get anywhere else but just here. Also, the famous Hyderabadi pearls and Bidri metal craft souvenirs that is the exclusivity. It’s travelling far and wide catching attention of art enthusiasts in Hyderabad. Yet heart is where there is home so more than anything, living together near my dear ones makes it all the more special.”

How has the city helped her in building her fashion label? She explains, “My clothing label — Deep Thee meaning chiasmic is all about classic cuts, intricate embroidery which is a timeless heirloom piece in one’s treasure-trove. We are very active on Instagram, and I have taken inspiration only from the city of Hyderabad and given it back as I exactly thought of.

My women’s label is just not travelling within the city but also outside the diameters of Hyderabad. My clients have always been supportive of my label and displayed a fantasy of love encouraging me to launch new couture every now and then. What more would one want, a drifter spreading the luxurious taste of Hyderabad through her clothing! Inspired by architectural intricacy, and the culture of Hyderabad, bidri work, the tombs, Mughal motives etc., I am going to develop more in the game of fashion keeping the city’s ideals in mind.”

In conlcusion, the young designer says, “Hyderabad is home where my heart is because it has countless memories existing here.” #KhabarLive #hydnews