Healthcare experts have cautioned about the possibility of a second wave in the New Year, even as the number of Covid-19 positive cases have been on the decline during the past few weeks.

Andhra Pradesh reported less than 500 cases, when the State was reporting over 10,000 cases per day when the pandemic was at its peak.

According to Covid Special Officer Dr Ch Prabhakar Reddy, the situation prevailing in States like Delhi and Kerala indicate that there are chances of Andhra Pradesh experiencing a second wave.

Various reports warn of an increase in the number of Covid cases as winter progresses across the state.

Dr Prabhakar Reddy cautioned health department officials to be cautious as there could be a spike in positive cases from mid-January. “It is observed that a second wave of the deadly virus was visible after a gap of five months and this had a greater impact on a few countries, besides places in India like Delhi and Kerala,” he said.

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Countries like the USA, Russia, Britain, Australia, and states like Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Kerala in the country are reporting positive cases and most of the educational institutions remain closed.

In AP, the intensity of the virus was more during August and September and later there was a decline in the number of positive cases. However, Dr Prabhakar Reddy said that it was too early to comment on the intensity of the virus during the second wave.

Meanwhile, the State government has constituted a seven-member advisory committee to prepare for any eventuality that a possible second wave of the deadly virus could bring.

This committee includes doctors from both government and private hospitals from various fields like community medicine, general medicine, social preventive medicine, neurophysicians, cardiologist, nephrologists and pulmonologists who have given their views on the precautions to be taken by the people.

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As per the report, medical and health authorities were urged to be ready and give more priority to RT PCR tests. High risk patients should be given special care and Covid tests shall be done once in 15 days, they were told.

All teachers and Anganwadi workers and Covid frontline workers were urged to get Covid tests done and by January 15, 2021, beds, ventilators and ICU be made available besides Corona preventive measures be taken right from mandal and village level.

It may be recalled that Andhra Pradesh has tested about 20 percent of its population compared to 11 per cent across the country.

The police department was asked to ensure that people should strictly follow Covid guidelines and wear masks in crowded places and maintain social distance. Also it was suggested that it would be better to avoid New Year celebrations. The panel also suggested places like swimming pools being closed for some more weeks.

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Dr Arja Srikanth, Covid Nodal Officer said that they are very much ready to tackle the situation as the government machinery was fully equipped with doctors, paramedics along with infrastructure like beds, ventilators, ICUs, enough drugs to treat the patients.

Dr Manjusha, Covid Nodal Officer from Kerala, said that the doctors are fighting against an invisible enemy risking their lives every day.

She said that the healthcare workers were literally frontline warriors, since their entire family was at risk. “A few days back, all my family members, my husband and two children tested positive and are under home isolation,” she said and added people should follow the Covid guidelines to protect and contain the spread of the virus. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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