Use automation to streamline and simplify your daily tasks and
give your company’s operations a boost. Here are 10 business tasks to automate today.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Outsmart Your Nemesis with Automations You Can Easily Add to Your Daily Tasks.

Running a business is no easy feat. Just attending to the basics of your company’s operations can be extremely demanding. And that’s not to mention all the daily tasks you need to handle to keep things running smoothly. It’s no secret that monitoring your expenses, handling customer care, and dealing with employee work schedules can take up precious time—time you might not have. There is, however, a solution to many of these time-intensive tasks – Automation.

There are business tasks that you’re probably carrying out every day that automation software and similar modern technologies can simplify or handle. Automating these daily tasks can free up hours from your schedule. You can then use this time to focus on other areas of your business that desperately need attention.

Speaking of attention, have we grabbed yours yet?

Here are 10 daily tasks you can simplify or remove from your schedule entirely by using automation.

1. Creating Presentations
Most business owners create their presentations using programs such as Prezi and PowerPoint. These are popular and effective tools. But they may prove too complex for novices and too time-consuming even for seasoned presenters.

Some automated brainstorming tools such as Vyond and MindMeister allow you to create impressive and engaging presentations in a matter of clicks. You can use them to brainstorm your topics within a single map, add media to your presentation, format it, and create slides. Then, you can present these slides to your collaborators in real-time.

Using automation solutions to keep in touch with your team can save time across the board, and significantly increase their productivity while decreasing the need for meetings.

2. Communicating with Your Team
Emails are likely one of the most time-consuming business tasks you face daily. However, they don’t need to be. You can use automation processes to communicate effectively with your team members without needing to use emails at all.
Programs like Slack make communication with team members easier and more accessible. They allow you to organize conversations into private and public categories, share files, and chat with colleagues and peers in real-time.

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Better still, using automation solutions to keep in touch with your team can save time across the board, and significantly increase their productivity while decreasing the need for meetings. You can use tools such as OTRS’s work structuring and communication software as an enterprise service management solution. This puts real-time information at your fingertips, and provides strong security, and speedy optimization for every department of your business.

3. Communicating via Email
If you can’t say goodbye to emails, you can save time and gain valuable data in the process with automation. You can configure your email client to create email templates or preset responses automatically. Plus, you can customize signatures so you no longer need to write individual emails from scratch!

4. Social Media Posting
Posting on social media can take up a full morning every day if your business has accounts on multiple platforms. Social media management is a full job description on its own. It requires constant attention to establish your digital presence properly.

Automation tools like IFTTT, Hootsuite, and Buffer can simplify social media posting by allowing you to schedule and automate your posts in advance. This means you can write posts ahead of time and have them posted at optimal intervals. You don’t need to be at your desk to do it manually. Modern software also enables you to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, monitor follower feedback, and assign specific accounts to your team members.

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5. Staying Ahead of the News
Staying abreast of the latest breaking news articles can be a tedious task. However, as far as tasks go, it’s crucial for your business to keep up to date with the world to maintain adaptability.
Use an automated media collection system like Circa, Feedly, or Zolt to gather news articles that pertain to your specific sectors, interests, and focuses. Apps like TheSkimm can send summarized versions of global news reports straight to your smartphone for on the go access.

Thankfully, you can use automation to schedule automatic computer backups at regular intervals.

6. Backing Up Your Desktop
Few business tasks are more time-consuming than doing manual PC data backups. With that said, backing up your computer is absolutely crucial for ensuring you don’t lose any important company information.

Thankfully, you can use automation to schedule automatic computer backups at regular intervals. This way, even if you forget to do it yourself, you can rest easy knowing your data is safely stored on the cloud

7. Scanning Business Documents
Ah, scanning — another one of those daily tasks that most office workers dread. Take the tedium out of scanning documents by using apps like CamScanner or Scanbot.
Using automation can streamline the process by allowing you to scan documents like invoices, receipts, and minutes from your smartphone. You can then update, sync, share, and manage them virtually from wherever you are.

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8. Updating Contact Lists
EIt’s essential that you keep your business contact list updated if you want to stay in touch with clients, customers, vendors, and shareholders. Automation can assist in this process, too. Apps like Addappt can update your saved contacts’ information in your address book whenever changes are made. This takes the guesswork out of communication.

9. Checking Notifications
Most business owners are constantly juggling their personal phones, work phones, laptops, and PCs. Predictably, keeping up with notifications across these devices can quickly become overwhelming.
Apps like Pushover can organize your incoming notifications and messages from all of your devices on a single dashboard. You can scroll through this unified inbox at your leisure and stay connected without becoming swamped.

10. Proofreading Documents
Editing and proofreading documents is yet another one of those daily tasks that can steal large chunks of your time — unless you have a dedicated writer on board, of course. Luckily, there are many apps that use automation to proofread and edit your documents for you.

Software like Grammarly and Hemingway corrects contextual issues, spelling errors, and improper vocabulary choices to make your writing more legible within seconds. You simply need to upload your documents to your chosen program, or use a secure browser extension to have an AI-powered proofreader at your fingertips.

The Bottom Line
No matter how small a business, it can benefit from automation. You can easily outsmart your nemeses and simplify your daily tasks by using many of the programs readily available. There are dozens of apps that save time and streamline your list of tasks without needing constant supervision or input.
Make the change. The future is here, and it’s time to take advantage of it! #KhabarLive #hydnews